Cera plans to shred documentation

2meltonpark, Mar 1, 11:27pm

mme, Mar 2, 4:30am
Arsecovering their apalling cock ups & waste!

oskybosky, Mar 2, 4:49am
Agree, this is appalling. Have sent off another OIA to try and protect the evidence of decision making.

xxsaffyxx, Mar 2, 6:42am
It's a legal requirement for businesses to keep documentation for about 7 years - why should they be exempt?

astrophe, Mar 2, 6:10pm
What a shame. On the Stuff article every comment ranting about a 'conspiracy' is upvoted, and every rational comment pointing out destruction of non-essential records is NORMAL and they ARE keeping the important ones is voted down.

What a nation of paranoid freaks we are becoming.

oskybosky, Mar 2, 11:53pm
I'm not paranoid. I am, however, very distrusting of this government.

mm12345, Jan 10, 8:04am
So who's making the decision as to what's "important" and what isn't?

I'd say that in general, people in NZ have been particularly tolerant of the political spin / disinformation campaign waged by CERA and EQC.

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