Looking for work in Christchurch

deltaprime, Feb 25, 8:51am
Hi All,

I'm between contracts since the mining industry in Australia slowed down last year and I am currently looking for work closer to home. I have 6 years experience as a geologist and 14 years experience as a computer / electronics technician plus a wide range of other skills. I am currently doing a course in C# programming, but also need to find some work to keep afloat financially until the mining industry picks up or I find a suitable permanent job in Christchurch. Anything considered, let me know if you have something that may be suitable or if you would like more information.

Cheers, Richard.

aj.2., Feb 25, 9:00am
what was your job in the mining industry?
, any heavy vehicle work?.

pooks3, Feb 25, 10:10am
Yeah what licenses do you have, you could probably ring any company and get work at the moment if you are a capable driver, they are like gold at the moment , the amount of people we get ringing us for work who don't have a drivers license, it's a shame

lyndad59, Feb 25, 10:21am
Lot's of us looking for work in ChCh :(

deltaprime, Feb 25, 10:10pm
I was working as a Geologist in Australia and just have a standard full car licence, so no heavy vehicle experience. I do have strong organisational and project management skills though.

tawera_moeke, Feb 26, 2:24am
Job sites on Facebook looking for people to fill jobs
Go in and have a looksy
Good luck

jon9, Feb 26, 3:29am
There are lots of jobs in Christchurch I'm sure you'll have no problem

Auckland - Jobs on Trademe 3636 : Population 1,377,000
Christchurch - Jobs on Trademe 2820 : Population 367,000

540trickzter, Jan 13, 5:05pm
I hear Stonewood Homes are desperate for Project Managers.

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