Heads Up Aranui Residents

Hi there. I was walking to work at 6.30pm tonight and had a guy approach me in a grey car. I could not see him but he was foreign maybe Indian and he asked if I was alright and if I wanted a ride coz he'd take me anywhere I needed to go and to get in the car. very freaky!

gypsy271, May 20, 9:01 am

Tell the police.

shakirafan, May 20, 9:22 am

Thing is I took the number plate but now I'm questioning what I remember because the number plate doesn't go with the car so I don't have much info to pass on.

gypsy271, May 20, 9:40 am

Give the police what you remember anyway. What street were you on?

blb71, May 20, 10:02 am

Soberton Street.

gypsy271, May 20, 10:04 am

Have rung the police. but please be careful.

gypsy271, May 20, 10:23 am

That is very creepy

mollydog12, May 21, 6:35 am

Wow. Uh . I've often thought of offering a stranger on the road a lift, if it seems they need it (someone with heavy shopping bags, etc). Haven't really had an opportunity to, but maybe I won't if I'm going to get the cops called on me!

astrophe, May 21, 6:37 am

Bit different if someone looks like they need help as I would offer also but its a bit weird if someone is just walking to work and a guy pulls up and insists for me to get in his car.

gypsy271, May 21, 11:20 am

Back in the day we would often stop and offer a lift to ppl at bus stops. It was safe to hitch hike then too. Different these days.

lorischch, May 21, 6:25 pm

I have considered it before too. The only thing that's stopped me is that I'm a little embarrased that my car reeks of dog.

Oh, just remembered, I did stop and ask a lady that was walking with her kids on the open road part of Cranford Street if she wanted a ride once.

melcraig, May 22, 6:57 am

Had a random male knock on my door Tuesday night just after half 7. wanted to do a couple of hours work for $23 to get a bus ticket back to the coast. Story about stolen wallet and phone. glazed eyes, work boots, jeans and dark jacket. beany on too. i declined . He then went across the street to another house.
I got spooked and rang the cops, patrol car came out and patrolled for a while to see if they could find him.
Today. alarm company calls around midday, alarm going off at home. race home to find bedroom window jimmied open, son's drawers emptied out and the mountain bike in the hall way.

jacinta.r, May 23, 6:12 am

Just heard a high school poser paedophile has been paroled in Wainoni/Aranui area. his name is Clement Wilkinson he's 39years old.

gypsy271, May 25, 10:01 am

cajeri, May 27, 11:04 pm

We all know GPS tracking means nothing - look what happened up north!

emmaj26, May 28, 2:25 am

How do you know he is in our area, it doesn't say where he was released to, publishing a Photo, at least gives us a good idea, who to keep an eye out for.

shortee2, May 28, 3:49 am

He will not be allowed to live anywhere near any schools, kindy's etc as well. May apply to malls as well. This did for one person I know

kiwi_gem, May 28, 11:38 am

The details were on a Facebook page that keeps people in the know of dangerous people to keep an eye out for.

gypsy271, Aug 19, 4:43 pm

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