Chch buyers, how far will you travel to collect.

ck59, Apr 22, 5:08pm
I have been listing some furniture I have to sell. I live in North Loburn, and suspect that the distance from Chch for collection might put some potential buyers off.
I am looking at offering delivery, and wanting to get some opinions on whether having delivery (at a cost) as an option may influence whether or not some people decide to buy.

I was hoping anyone in chch could comment on this, ie

If you saw an item like furniture, (ie something far too big to post) that you liked, would the location for pickup make a difference as to whether you would buy it.
Ie if you really liked it would you go anywhere to buy it, or not. How many km might make it a deal breaker?
Are there times when you have seen items that you would definately buy, if you could collect them in chch, but would definately not buy if you had to go outside chch central suburbs to collect. Is this a case of there being a limit to how far you would travel, no matter how great the item was, or will you go further for certain things but only if they are extra special.
How far, in general, do you think most people would travel to collect something like furniture.
Would you pay for delivery of items such as furniture, if they were more than 20-30km away to pick up?
Any other comments/thoughts on this issue?


ali291, Apr 22, 6:07pm
I would travel if it was small enough to fit in my car - or arrange to meet somewhere in town for the pick up. I would pay extra for delivery for large items but I don't have a tow bar or a trailer so it's great if sellers are able to do that

helmont, Apr 22, 6:08pm
I have, and definitely would pay for the delivery of a piece of furniture from a trader.

survivalkiwi, Apr 22, 6:40pm
When I lived in Lyttelton I was selling some wheels. I had two people call me but refused to go "all the way out there". One was in Papanui and one was in St Albans. The guy that bought them came from Amberley.
Chch people can be very funny about where is a long way from home.

briantamaki-god, Apr 22, 7:04pm
if you want it sold why not bring it in at no cost just factor it in when putting a reserve on
I bet you are in town on a regular basis
just depends on how keen you are to sell
for the sake of a little gas

ali291, Apr 22, 7:48pm
yes I know what you mean - I live in Lyttelton and that always crops up - previously lived in Lincoln and it cropped up there too!

supersapper, Apr 22, 7:50pm
I always appreciate the option of paying a bit extra $10-20 to have a big item of furniture delivered to me. It sure beats the hassle of hiring a trailer and getting someone to come help me collect it.

jonners2013, Apr 22, 7:55pm
often see TM advertisements stating something like "free delivery at buy no price". maybe that's something to consider.

but yes it would certainly put me off to some degree because i know it's going to cost me to either go and collect the item or have it delivered. so i would factor that into the price i'd be prepared to pay.

robyn35, Apr 22, 8:23pm
i would pay more for delivery just because i have a small car and no tow bar, however i wouldnt pay $50 to get something delivered

lambrat, Apr 23, 12:50am
good luck with your auctions, i think if you can get the item into chch (whichever way) it will probably vastly increase your market, lots of people don't have cars or towbars.

3 of my 4 blue face feedbacks are from waiting on friends for over 7 days to help me pickup outsize items i couldn't carry onto a bus . which traders felt annoyed about, even though i explained straight away & paid before pickup, and they'd neither listed nor mentioned a deadline.
one day i'll possibly get over the great piece of furniture i got at reserve price, which was relisted and sold straight away at four times the reserve,lol

blackcats13, Apr 23, 8:13am
I wouldn't go that far to pick up, unless it was an item that I really really wanted, saw a gate I was after and guy at Rangoon offered to deliver it anywhere in CH for $20, I would pay that , but not more , good luck

jessie981, Apr 23, 8:25am
Wouldn't travel but happy to pay reasonable drop off price.

dottyone1, Apr 27, 1:59am
I am on North Shore Auckland and Had ro pay $125 delivery for fold up doulble bed couch about 30 kilometers

chickybabe4, Apr 27, 4:26am
I would say meet in rangiora? That's not that far if you ask me. I would think offering a delivery option would help too :)

coralsnake, Apr 27, 6:41am
I have used a carrier who has a link on TM as items [desk & bookcase combo] too big for my mini-van. Was very happy to pay $55 to have delivered from one side of town to the other.

I have gone to Rangiora once - for an electrical item [step down transformer]. The cost of the purchase plus gas to get out there was way under what I would have had to pay retail for same sized item.

I have queried carriers in the Rangiora/Kaiapoi area but there seems to be no-one now. Unfortunately there seems to be no carriers in the Kaiapoi area since Allisons stopped. But I'd still happily pay if the price was right for a Rangiora/Kaiapoi based carrier or if the seller would deliver for a fee [north-west Ch'Ch].

However, I don't think I would pay a town carrier to pick up any further than Belfast.

gutlux, May 4, 8:47am
Depends how much I really wanted the item if I would travel and if it would fit in the car (as we don't have a towbar - hubby has a work van but could only use it if he got approval and not to far to travel). If you were able to deliver put a delivery cost in the auction and what areas you would cover delivery to, or if you could meet half way somewhere - you could specify a drop off point half way and when in the details (ie - could meet half way evenings between 6-7 or sat or sun afternoon etc etc.

cranken28, May 4, 8:53am
North Loburn is not in Ch-Ch. .TM should sort it . Rollerston is not in Ch-Ch either . My pet hate on TM. is seller not putting in their suburb. west melton is not Ch-Ch either . 1 item I would pay 50 for in ch-ch I'd only pay 20 in North Loburn . not only the time, its the fuel cost and wear and tear. Its 30+ worth of time and fuel to pick it up.

myrns, Dec 2, 4:08pm
I did 1192kms yesterday went all the way to Winton well actually a little place called Wreysbush. I left chch at 3am back at 7 30pm. big drive for a TM purchase.

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