Stolen Truck

hayster94, Aug 28, 10:29pm
My dads truck was stolen last night/early this morning from Papanui/Redwood area. It's a 1991 Nissan Safari, rego WD1680. If you guys could keep a look out for it and contact the police if you see it that would be awesome. The police have been contacted too.

Here's a pic of it:


dannyboy24, Aug 28, 10:55pm
Stink one mate pretty recogniable by the pic good luck. mongrels

brightlights60, Aug 28, 10:56pm
The thieves are bastards. I worry about hubby's Surf every day, as we are in the same area. Apparently they are the vehicle of choice to be stolen and used for ram raids.

mm12345, Aug 28, 11:41pm
TD42 Y60 Safari are targeted for parts - not just joyrides, ram-raids etc.
Rumour has it that they're stripped down and exported to the Middle East states, where there's high demand for parts.

I had mine stolen a few years ago. By good luck the tank was almost empty - they got a few km and it ran out of fuel. Because you have to lift the bonnet to prime the fuel system which takes a few minutes, it's a bit risky / attracts attention - you can't just pour a few litres of fuel in the tank and be on your way.

We had video of the scum who stole it, on a camera that panned where it was parked in 20 second sweeps. First sweep, there's two guys on the footpath - one guy stays there as lookout - rolls a smoke or something, the other makes a beeline straight for the truck. Next sweep, he's probably given a signal to the lookout that all's good, he goes straight to the truck. Next sweep - only 20 seconds later they're driving it out of the carpark. Pretty impressive considering that from cold (as it was) it takes about 10 seconds for the glow plugs before it will start. They know exactly what they're doing and are "stealing to order".

I put a steering lock (club type) on it now at all times when parked. Easy to get around in only a few seconds - they can just use bolt cutters to cut through the steering wheel rim, however this type of scum will not take the risk, tools of the trade need to be able to be put in their pocket and easily dropped unnoticed.
Easy to put a hidden kill switch in them too, but just as easy to bypass with a piece of wire in a few seconds - even if that means lifting the bonnet.

urbanrefugee54, Aug 29, 4:18am
commiserations - there are several sites that you can advertise the loss on. NZ Crime Busters & was he a member of the NZ Offroader [both are facebook]. good luck, but it seems they seem to disappear, most likely into a chop shop container.

urbanrefugee54, Aug 29, 4:23am
similar when I had my MK3 Zephyr stolen - they didn't get far due to lack of fuel & not being able to get the locking cap off. I never go grocery shopping with a full fuel tank. few people are now putting in gps or hiding trackable cell ph's that hook into the power & recharge.

mm12345, Aug 29, 6:35am
Are the crooks using GPS jammers? I know they're illegal to sell, buy or own, but with a soldering iron and a few cheap parts from jaycar, they'd be easy to make. Small too.

hayster94, Aug 29, 7:03am
It looks like it has probably been stolen for parts. There were no signs of glass anywhere and there was a steering wheel lock on it. By the marks on the road it looks like it has been towed.

It just sucks really when he spent a lot of time on it maintaining it and everything and then have some bastards nick it. Not much you can do about it though unfortunately

mm12345, Aug 29, 7:54am
Bugger - that doesn't sound promising. I know your pain. Hope it works out.

hayster94, Sep 5, 4:45am
The police found the truck. The insurance company rang my dad to get permission to tow it and then went back to tow it and it had been nicked again!

jcmp21, Sep 5, 7:12am
Not uncommon.

stickman4u, Sep 8, 3:48am
Hi hayster94 I found your truck ring me 9428593 ask 4 chris I have just rung the police they are getting it towed now

urbanrefugee54, Sep 8, 4:08am
awesome. hope it isn't too damaged?

stickman4u, Sep 8, 4:11am
front bumper and bull bar and wheel off the back are missing and inside a mess

jane310567, Sep 8, 4:37am
yay for stickman!

hayster94, Sep 8, 5:46am
Thanks so much! My dad is off to have a look at it now

jcmp21, May 30, 2:18pm
Good work

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