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granny98, Feb 21, 10:34pm
4 yrs on & still living in quake damaged home. I was insured, I am insured I have bad health, and still I wait.
Geez even the local sallie army 2nd hand shop has been rebuilt & is up & running.
It would just be nice to be able to open the back door without dislocating my shoulder. eqc say its in flethchers hands, flethchers then blame contractors - round & round the blame game goes.

fekim, Feb 22, 12:00am
Same here, waiting for a rebuild which seems so far away. Each time plans are drawn up for the new place, they end up with wrong dimensions, internal access to the garage opening out to the back yard? - how they can make that mistake I don't know. Spose I'm like 100's of others.

justnewbie, Feb 22, 12:09am
same here but we are in a rented place and now the landlord wont fix anything that needs to be fix

pheobegrace, Feb 22, 12:59am
We are in the same boat. I have a chronic disease and still we wait. They did start two years ago, but it got too complicated so they stopped and have never been back.

treens2, Feb 22, 4:24am
I opted out, had enough of eqc they are just incompetent bullies, son is a builder so he sorting things for me. Its a bit of a pickle at the moment lathen plaster everywhere, but theres two ton of gib here ready to be installed,progress at last. Most of the good builders in town don't have time to work for fletchers

jessebird, Feb 22, 7:36am
Still waiting.

jaybee116, Feb 22, 8:05am
Still waiting

jkp58, Feb 22, 8:18am
ring and ask for your scope of works that gets things moving

katrina178, Feb 22, 8:23am
yup waiting here too.

EQC blame fletchers . fletchers say EQC have the file back.

and so it goes.

think it is in the to hard basket for both of them.

so wait I do .

stefanie1, Feb 22, 8:38am
yep another one still waiting. and haven't been exactly healthy.
still paying insurance

cloffie, Feb 26, 8:21am
I was tossed back and forth too--
I had a builder in mind to nominate but not opt out .
I knew which hubs they worked out of so I rang Fletchers and told them this company was able to do the work on my house immediately please transfer my file to the hub they work out of and I will get builder to call.
This threw them completely and they threatened to delay my repairs.
I then contacted EQC with the same information and asked for an e-mail explaining why my house could not be repaired cc to Fletchers and my builder.
The e-mail did not eventuate but I had a call from an new Fletcher pm the following day from the Hub that builders worked out of organising an assessment with Fletchers EQC and my builders----
I then had much pleasure in calling the Pages Road hub asking to speak to the wench that said my repairs would be delayed if I moved hubs as it would take at least 3 weeks to locate send my file and told her she was a bully and lair as my builder received my file within 24 hours

cloffie, Feb 26, 8:25am
House was repaired in at a time when it suited me -working around my home based business trading hours.
there was no mucking around -contractors were chased up by the building co works manager.
I had to move out but I was welcome to come and go as I pleased -
they finished 10 days early and the workmanship was excellent

ambrosia61, Feb 26, 7:38pm
Hi granny98, have you tried the free Residential Advisory service for help resolving the problems. Phone 379 7027 or 0800 777 299. Looks like they have helped many others getting the run around.
We have had so many assessments its beyond belief. I may be giving them a ring today also.

jane310567, Feb 26, 8:24pm
I feel for you all - we have been out for 6 months and due to move back tomorrow! Yay! We still have a list of about 20 things that are not done or done incorrectly including the wallpaper being upside-down, but hopefully these get remedied over the next wee while. It's certainly all consuming and very tiring as even when they are fixing it you have to be onto what is happening the whole time.

2meltonpark, Mar 1, 11:28pm
These are the latest figures- looks like thousands are to wait for a lot longer

david_270, Mar 2, 10:10am
Hope you are chasing EQC or IC to get sorted.
Plenty of help out there if you need it. RAS etc.

kellypchch, Mar 2, 10:13pm
to those that are still waiting have you considered asking for a payout that will allow you to move on and manage the repairs yourself
in our case, with the money behind u,s we were able to get soooo much more done ourselves at a realistic price because we werent stuck paying rates that the tradies are getting through insurance
And most tradies are prepared to work for a better cash price. Thats more power to you

slimgym, Mar 2, 10:42pm
I feel sorry for people that went with the guy in Fitzgerald ave, How much it going to cost them in the end. They have to sign a clause that they are not aloud to discuss their problems

I wonder if he is helping people or not love to hear some good news

katrina178, Mar 3, 3:08am
sounds good,but would it not depend on the scale of repair how easy i would be to self manage/ repair?

in my own case .

my house sits on a rise in the eastside of town. it is the 1st house built in the street. it needs lifting as piles and foundation cracked.

house got twisted off founds / piles.

I would have no idea how much to expect to payout for such work. even when EQR/EQC/ BUILDERS ETC came they were fussing over how it could be done safely.

further more there is land slide damage which awaits geotech reporting.

one time they got geo tech out while they were assessing damage as they were worried about the land.

the tech guy came with the hour looked ova the rise and shook his head no and left.

nothing been heard from them since.

insurance won`t view damage until EQC state in writing it ova cap.

fletchers told me verbally and EQC stated many times it is ova cap but not in writing.

they just keep saying we are re assessing .

I ring every single fort nite for an update.

due to ring tomorrow.

I know I will be told again . we are working on file and it`s been marked URGENT.

I am one of the lucky ones as I can still LOL @ THEM !

bosch2006, Mar 3, 3:13am
Get john cambell on to it

mm12345, Mar 3, 3:23am
It's disgusting that EQC could be dilly-dallying 4 years after the event.
Things are supposed to be settled in "reasonable time". Continually deferring a claim because they're out of their depth in determining a repair strategy isn't reasonable.

spead, Mar 3, 3:47am
you are one of,thousands. Someone has to be first and someone last.

honest-reliable, Mar 3, 3:52am
The payout you get is rubbish
I got a payout and then got a quote for repairs it was $1000's out so glad I haven't signed anything yet and certainly don't intend to yet. I aint finished with EQC/Fletchers whoever YET.

david_270, Mar 3, 6:27am
For most people a cash payout should be a no-no. You will definitely get ripped off unless you have very good advice and have your own QS done.
Paying tradies cash for repairs should also be a no-no. What evidence will you have that the repairs have been done, and what recourse will you have if they fail?
People need to break the cycle of nonsense from EQC & Fletchers. Get help, and get your own professional report(s) done so that you know what you are fighting for, and have independent advice to put in front of the IC to push your case.

biggles92, Mar 3, 9:35am
Well, Im completely confused now. We have only had 2 visits from eqc, and one from fletchers in the last 4 years. Hey, we arent a major repair, or so I thought, but it sounds like as next door (joint townhouses) may have dropped levels, we may both need to be lifted. But it has gone from repair, to complete rebuild, to lift of next door, and then oh yours looks fine! oh and also comments from them of: You now have to 'Prove' that you have earthquake damage. What the hell? And guess what? Yet again, Havent heard ANYTHING back! Soo over it, cant be bothered. And round and round it goes. I feel that Im going to have to have a battle on my hands maybe just to get my place properly fixed as it was before the quakes. And dont forget, that is actually what we are all entitled to, and is in our insurance policies.

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