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mm12345, Mar 3, 10:00am
I'd add something else to that.
As Fletcher EQR wind down, some of the cowboys who've been trained in the art of shonky methods will be in the market looking for work from cash-settled homeowners. There are some good BS artists out there.
If you don't know people in the trade you can rely on, be very very careful.

granny98, Mar 3, 10:03am
I feel for you, & yet we still pay insurance lol. I can't be bothered with eqc, fletchers, contrators, blame games. Looks like another winter in sub-standard conditions

granny98, Mar 3, 10:08am
They came, they looked, they drilled the land more than once. A date was set. nothing happened. I still pay rates I still pay insurance - why I damned if I no anymore.
I wonder how many suicides there have been?
I got paid out for my land. * it was a joke* I own a house wreck!

ambrosia61, Jan 9, 12:48pm
Granny98 , and everyone else who is struggling, have you called the Residential Advisory service yet? Its a free service.I took my own advice and gave them a ring yesterday. Have a meeting set up for next week . Initial meeting is 2 hours with a lawyer.
Good luck.

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