Free Shop/Charity shop

Does any one know if the charity /free shop is still on the corner of Ferry and Ensors road.
Looking for so cheap paint

fineo, Jun 2, 4:50 pm

yes, and has free clothes on Sundays, but I won't go back , it is discusting, went for a peep a while back, omg, it should be closed down

kids4ever, Jun 2, 4:54 pm

Most 'free' shops *are* disgusting.

astrophe, Jun 2, 5:01 pm

also have paint at the ecoshop in Blenheim rd.

jane310567, Jun 2, 6:28 pm

Free knitting needles and gold balls on Tuesdays though

zoopa, Jun 2, 7:16 pm

Good I need some gold balls!

bookmart, Jul 20, 2:25 am

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