A court case - I am looking for a court case about

Full replacement insurance, I have looked but can not locate the one I am after. I am looking for the one, the owners had a villa and insurance would not give the replacement price just th commonly used product, from memory they went to court and it was found in favour of client that the insurance company had to pay the actual accost eg wooden windows flooring etc. If any one can locate it that would be magic oh and the recent red zone one where clients did not get pg and contigency but court found they should have been paid it in the first instance. many many thanks. I shall be back later

smoff79, Oct 2, 10:23 am

1) Turvey Trustee vs SR
2) Avonside Holdings vs SR.
Lots of different legal commentary & blogs on these. Try Sarah Miles or Grant Shand for starters.

david_270, Oct 2, 10:34 am

Go to www.nzlii.co.nz and use the search functions. Search words could be EQC or IAG for example. Look at the results in date order to get the most relevant.

retrodesign, Oct 2, 1:13 pm

Sorry, it is www.nzlii.org.

retrodesign, Oct 2, 1:14 pm

super thank you so much, ins wants to know what we were unhappy with in their costing bahahahba, have already told them and has been ongoing since 2011. I live in hope. I more so need the ones which have been thru courts and set the precedent.

smoff79, Oct 2, 2:07 pm

rachjase, Oct 2, 2:20 pm

no, but thank you these one related to rebuild and lack of payment and covering the policy as it should be

smoff79, Oct 2, 3:28 pm

Very few have gone through the courts as most get settled beforehand. However the site above lists all court outcomes. So if a case gets that far it will be listed in its entirety.

retrodesign, Oct 2, 7:26 pm

If you want the most recent case regarding repair vs replacement you would want Parkin v Vero - this mostly concerns using techniques such as 'jack and pack' and situations where the original floors were covered (i.e if you had carpets before over rimu, they insurer can use normal materials now as it is covered).

The Red Zone case you are talking about might be Avonside Holdings Limited v Southern Response.

tjholding, Mar 5, 2:29 am

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