Xmas radio advert

vic008, Sep 5, 8:13am
Only just September and these mongrels have already begun their advertising. Have they no shame

ian-c, Sep 5, 8:45am
Think that's bad, you'll start seeing christmas stock in stores in the next 4-6 weeks.

shannie1998, Sep 5, 8:00pm
You might be referring to the Christmas Hut advert.
This is a husband and wife team who demolished an old house in Sawyers Arms Rd and built an actual Christmas Hut.

It was finally finished and opened last week. They use to be in Northlands Mall and have a large customer base.
Those customers (me included) have been anxiously waiting for the Hut to be finished and Opening Day.

Don't think its greed involved here. I think its passion.

tool_shop173, Sep 6, 10:16am
Dont panic, they will soon be having a summer sale on all summer clothes

slimgym, Sep 7, 4:57am
warehouse has Christmas stuff

jcmp21, Sep 7, 6:13am
Merry Christmas everyone.

datoofairy, May 31, 4:07pm
There is a house just along the road that has Christmas lights up! And no, they havent just been left there since last year.

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