Do you think you're insurer owes you interest?

2meltonpark, May 20, 10:34pm

wanderer52, May 21, 12:37am
I do. Our insurer has had our equity and lives in their hands for four years. Giving them the benefit of 'The scale of the earthquakes', I consider that there has been delay for us of two years, seeing as they said in 2011 that we would be in our new home by the end of 2012. That's two years that we have been unable to have friends and relatives stay with us, two years of long distance gardening every weekend. two years of delaying visiting our child overseas, two years of not dealing with our commercial claim because we were so traumatised we decided to get our house built first, two years of living in a tiny student flat, cold and damp, two years of storage, two years of rent, two years way from our community where we lived for 30 years, two more years of stress and tears from our insurance company. OMG do they owe us!

retrodesign, May 21, 1:23am
Yes. And my bank as I have an ASB insurance policy and mortgage.

deanna14, May 21, 10:43pm
So true. Hugs for you.

Our insurance company made us wait 2 years for the report on the land. They suddenly decided not to wait for it and settled! Obscene. No wonder it took me 4 years to bother with the contents 'Full House Contents Claim) the stress of just living was enough to deal with.

wanderer52, May 22, 2:09am
deanna, how did it go with your house claim? We haven't done ours yet. We did a pretty thorough inventory in the year following and then put it away, because we really don't know what we lost when our house fell in.

rocklover, Sep 3, 4:10pm
as well as the insurer, what about eqc, in the cases that people waited up to three years before eqc finally deciding they were overcap. What about the interest on your mortgage where if eqc had decided straight away you were overcap and the 115,000.00 had gone on your mortgage.

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