Kitchen benchtop resurfacing

kenny92, Jul 27, 11:29am
Has anyone had any experience of having their kitchen benchtop resurfaced? We have an older style house and did put a new kitchen in about 17 years ago. The cupbord fronts are off white and fine but benchtop is a dated colour. Don't really want the expence of getting a new top as we may sell within the next five years. Thanks.

pooks3, Jul 27, 12:16pm
We had our cupboards resurfaced in our old house around 10 years ago, I think the company did benches too, the company was resurfacing systems but when I was looking at options for our new house, I couldn't find the company, I do know that for a couple hundred dollars you can get a special paint set that you can paint on your bench to change the for a granite look, but depending on how big your bench is I would probably spend a little extra and replace it, I have seen some cheap bench tops in hardware stores and on trade me, we ended up just replacing ours,

ronash, Jul 28, 12:40am
Google, Giani granite paint bench top resurfacing NZ. Hopefully you will find the relevant site. We resurfaced a 50plus year old Formica bench ourselves with this product recently. The kit was purchased over the internet for approx $200 and includes instructions and everything you will need. We are thrilled with the result, it was really easy to do and would happily recommend you look into this option as it sounds perfect for your situation.

shannie1998, Jul 28, 3:44am
Mum has had kitchen bench tops in 2 houses resurfaced. Both jobs (buy the same company) were really successful and looked absolutely great.

My only comment would be - you need to be more gentle with the surface than you would be with a normal bench top. Example - avoid bangs and knocks.
I would say resurfacing is not a "forever" solution but if careful should last you the five years you are wanting.

kenny92, Oct 29, 2:39pm
Thanks for the replies :)

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