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stillwaters, Jul 19, 12:26am
The winter generally might not be bad, but the mornings are bitterly cold, cold enough to freeze any condensation on the inside of the window. And the days are cold too, except for maybe an hour or two mid afternoon, then the frosts are settling again by seven.
I hate the yo yo affect the southerlies and nor westers are doing too, you don't feel like you acclimate so it feels colder Unless you have a lovely sunny house its all quite depressing

likit, Jul 19, 12:48am
1900 kw $467 with discount, six adults 3 heatpumps for June, 29 days.

tarawera99, Jul 27, 3:31am
I feel sorry for pensioners who can't afford heating. This is the shame of our society.

melp6, Jul 27, 3:39am
It's not only pensioners who can't.

There's stories of families all sleeping in one room as it's warmer

robyn35, Jul 27, 3:59am
what company is that with, unit rate is way cheaper than im currently paying

pandai, Jul 27, 4:04am
Ours was $430 after discount, 1805kw. 5 adults and 2 heat pumps with electric hot water.

jcmp21, Jul 27, 4:08am
I have found I can keep electricity prices down by running a buried extension cord to the neighbours place for the high draw devices such as heaters and dryers etc. The hardest part is plugging it in somewhere hidden.

spyware, Jul 27, 4:19am
Can't be many electric things. My electric toys, computers, TV, mysky, tivo, blueray etc. use more than that in January, in Christchurch.

668 kwh is less than an average of 1 kw/hr of load.

spyware, Jul 27, 4:36am
Note: My hot water and night store heater circuit uses 669 kwh alone (10.32 cents/kwh).

justnewbie, Jul 27, 4:47am
with us we have no heatpump as the landlord Wont fix it the house we are renting is falling apart fast, water comes in the main bedroom when it rains so got to catch it with a bucket and same goes in the kitchen when it rains, cracks getting biger in the house now, and cant move out as places to rent are to dear to rent, and our power bill was 224.64, and that was just a heater going in one room, and the house is frezzing as

moodybleu, Jul 27, 4:48am
$440. three adults, 2 heatpumps, lots of electronics. old house insulated but not much sun. EEK! highest one ever.

moodybleu, Nov 5, 2:21pm
Really? Just chatting not complaining. Move on.

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