Electricity usage.

ours is the highest it's ever been. It certainly has been a cold winter so far. 1700 kw for June.

jane310567, Jul 11, 4:24 pm

I think the opposite & think the winter has been pretty good ! Just got our power bill & it's only $4 more than last month .$165 ,when this time last year it was well over the $200 ! Just checked our bill & we used 673 KW

lyndad59, Jul 11, 4:37 pm

How the hell do you manage that?
I'm dreading my next account . -5 regularly here & not a lot more in the daytime, some days . with a heat pump for the bedroom end of the house only turned on later in the evening & a wonderful log fire with a wetback, for the living end, lit about 3pm usually (single storey house & quite large).
Got a few freezers etc & I pay around $300+ per month.
Hints accepted with pleasure!

samanya, Jul 11, 5:23 pm

We only heat the living area's with electric heating & I bought the Artic sheets form The WH & they are wonderful ! Last year we used to have to heat the bedrooms & used an oil heater it was HUGE power bills ! We have very sunny living areas ,I have to say & do sit with a blanket over our knees at night ,Lol

lyndad59, Jul 11, 5:30 pm

My next bill is probably gonna be a big one, but stuff it - I hate the cold and I refuse to freeze.

puddles11, Jul 11, 5:48 pm

Last months $110.00,no heatpump.

jessebird, Jul 11, 6:17 pm

there's only two of us most of the time but for the past 4 weeks we've had relatives living with us in the house and our bill last month was $155. reasonably small house, 4 people, heat pump for living room and an oil column heater in the bedrooms, all cooking and hot water is electric. in christchurch.

during summer our power bills are $70-80.

jonners2013, Jul 11, 6:31 pm

Got my first electric account from genisis today. $567. changed to them because they quoted cheap as.

gillian25, Jul 11, 6:48 pm

Good luck, gillian. I changed our a/c to them a couple of years ago after they proclaimed themselves amazing. Well, a few months later we signed-back to Meridian, as the bills from Genesis were crazy! We are very low-use generally,use a log-burner, but by the Genesis bills we had been roasting our hocks in front of a wall of electric 24/7! I could have argued, but just wanted rid of them!

schnauzer11, Jul 11, 7:29 pm


jessebird, Jul 11, 9:21 pm

any underfloor heating?

bergkamp, Jul 11, 9:23 pm

It's been a great winter for sun but the frosts have been really hard. A sunny day makes it worthwhile though. Last year I needed gumboots for months but this year not a puddle in sight although farmers in the area are worried with the lack of rain.

kacy5, Jul 12, 6:21 pm

We are just waiting for our cracker of a bill. Usually around July we hit around $700. Today had the hot water changed over to instant gas so looking forward we hope to this being the last big one. 70's house, lots of add ons (length) plus sleepout. 3 heatpumps, 2 hot water cylinders. Last month was $567. Stayed with Genesis as they gave us $250 credit and froze our rate for a year to stay. We will see.

brightlights60, Jul 12, 6:36 pm

My latest reading is 668 units for the month. All electric house. Why do people live south of Auckland and complain about their power bills?

trade4us2, Jul 12, 6:42 pm

$700?! you must be running a massive crop!

jonners2013, Jul 12, 8:19 pm

Same reason ppl in Aucklands complain about the cost of housing.
It's colder here so it's more.expensive to heat your home. Talk about pointing out the obvious.

mme, Jul 14, 2:37 am

My house cost $155k. That's cheap!

trade4us2, Jul 14, 9:58 am

My first house in Spreydon cost around that but that was 27yrs ago.

What's the GV now?

mme, Jul 15, 1:35 am

$1270000, but I painted it!

trade4us2, Jul 15, 8:45 am

I use more than that in a week. $660 for June before discount. 1 person with cat.

spyware, Jul 15, 7:32 pm

Probably no heat of any sort.

spyware, Jul 15, 7:33 pm

Im sure if I wasn't running a large spa pool , and a 65inch plasma TV , and didn't have a 19yr old son who loves to drain the HWC ever second night and leaves every light in the house on , our power bills would be around the $110 mark . instead of the stupid $190.65 bill sitting beside me . that's the highest I can ever remember having

golfaholic2, Jul 15, 7:59 pm

$85 this month with Contacts prompt payment discount. We used about 550kWh.
I have gas for cooking and hotwater, and heatpumps and 400w panel heaters for heating. Monthly gas bill was $45.
There are only 2 of us and we only heat the rooms we use. We have solar pv panels subsidising the running of the house in daylight hours.

thetotalbeast, Jul 17, 3:04 pm

Yes nitestore going 24/7

jessebird, Jul 17, 3:26 pm

$586 thid month
for 2 adults and 1 child

eddienz, Jul 19, 12:03 pm

The winter generally might not be bad, but the mornings are bitterly cold, cold enough to freeze any condensation on the inside of the window. And the days are cold too, except for maybe an hour or two mid afternoon, then the frosts are settling again by seven.
I hate the yo yo affect the southerlies and nor westers are doing too, you don't feel like you acclimate so it feels colder Unless you have a lovely sunny house its all quite depressing

stillwaters, Jul 19, 12:26 pm

1900 kw $467 with discount, six adults 3 heatpumps for June, 29 days.

likit, Jul 19, 12:48 pm

I feel sorry for pensioners who can't afford heating. This is the shame of our society.

tarawera99, Jul 27, 3:31 pm

It's not only pensioners who can't.

There's stories of families all sleeping in one room as it's warmer

melp6, Jul 27, 3:39 pm

what company is that with, unit rate is way cheaper than im currently paying

robyn35, Jul 27, 3:59 pm

Ours was $430 after discount, 1805kw. 5 adults and 2 heat pumps with electric hot water.

pandai, Jul 27, 4:04 pm

I have found I can keep electricity prices down by running a buried extension cord to the neighbours place for the high draw devices such as heaters and dryers etc. The hardest part is plugging it in somewhere hidden.

jcmp21, Jul 27, 4:08 pm

Can't be many electric things. My electric toys, computers, TV, mysky, tivo, blueray etc. use more than that in January, in Christchurch.

668 kwh is less than an average of 1 kw/hr of load.

spyware, Jul 27, 4:19 pm

Note: My hot water and night store heater circuit uses 669 kwh alone (10.32 cents/kwh).

spyware, Jul 27, 4:36 pm

with us we have no heatpump as the landlord Wont fix it the house we are renting is falling apart fast, water comes in the main bedroom when it rains so got to catch it with a bucket and same goes in the kitchen when it rains, cracks getting biger in the house now, and cant move out as places to rent are to dear to rent, and our power bill was 224.64, and that was just a heater going in one room, and the house is frezzing as

justnewbie, Jul 27, 4:47 pm

$440. three adults, 2 heatpumps, lots of electronics. old house insulated but not much sun. EEK! highest one ever.

moodybleu, Jul 27, 4:48 pm

Really? Just chatting not complaining. Move on.

moodybleu, Nov 6, 3:21 am

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