Boxes Required

fineo, Apr 26, 1:02am
Looking for boxes/cartons for moving

robyn35, Apr 26, 1:06am
not sure where you are but Pak n save Wainoni puts banana boxes under the grocery packing area that are free

jane310567, Apr 26, 1:55am
if you are in bryndwr area boxes at the city mission shop cnr ilam and clyde and the gift shop(Et elle) next door to it also has them. If you are coming a distance may pay to phone them first.

nzkea1, Apr 26, 2:28am
We still have a few leftover from when we moved out, what area are you in, K

fineo, Apr 26, 3:21am
Hi we are in Middleton thanks

nzkea1, Apr 26, 4:48am
We are in Huntsbury, if you are keen you might like to contact me via one of my listings, Karyn

lee289, Apr 29, 9:13pm
I have a friend who just offered me a whole lot, if you still need them I can ask her if she still has them

donkey007, May 1, 10:26pm
Any moving boxes anyone wants to get rid of?

snoozeybub, May 2, 3:35am
I have lots of large boxes from the removal company we used. But am in Kaiapoi.

onzy, May 3, 11:28pm
Snoozeybub, if no one else is interested, could i have your boxes please?
I am after boxes for my elderly father who is soon to move out of his house.
I live in Ohoka and my Dad lives in Spencerville

fineo, May 4, 12:37am
Still interested but have a bit of time to go yet and as fellow t/me member is closer happy to wait for some to come up in Christchurch.

snoozeybub, May 4, 4:01am
Hi sorry the boxes have been taken.

nzkea1, May 4, 5:33am
Hi Owen, we will have a few more boxes in a couple of week's, give me a call in a fortnight, K

fineo, May 4, 4:51pm
Thanks will do when we get back from holiday, Dec 2, 5:43am
Shame you are not closer, we have boxes everyday at work that I have to break down for recycling, would rather give away though.

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