Things to do in Christchurch

vintage_betty, Jun 30, 8:27pm
I had to give up my job for health reasons but on right medication now and starting to be much better. But now I am getting bored! Trying to use this time before I go back to work to see a bit of my own city. What are some places please that are a bit different from the usual tourist places? They need to be on a bus route. Even any exhibitions or events that I can go to? Oh, and also not too expensive as we are now on only one income, oh and also during school hours. Not too much to ask I hope lol

jonners2013, Jul 1, 12:04am
definitely go to the museum to see the Whole House Reuse exhibition, it's all about reusing all the parts of a demolished red-zone home.

cassina1, Jul 1, 12:27am
Check out the website which has weekly Ch events and concerts etc listed.

rob312, Jul 1, 2:24am
This is definitely a must see for everyone in Christchurch - it closes in August and is just fantastic!

vintage_betty, Jul 1, 7:27pm
Thanks. I think a day going to museum to see this then a walk around the gardens and a coffee at the nice café there sounds pretty good :-)

junie2, Jul 1, 10:41pm
Is there a bus to Spencervile? I'm ashamed to say I've lived in Chch for 50 yrs and didn't know about Seafield Park out there until y'day. Had a wonderful ( free ) time admiring birds and kunekune pigs etc and a 30 min walk in the forest.

kids4ever, Jul 2, 2:39am
yes, that has been there for years, we quite often pop in there if we are out at Spencerpark, but pretty sure no bus to there? did you see the Adrenaline forrest behind ther, nice to watch the young ones climbing around the trees and its got benches in the middle, we took our lunch one day and watched the grandkids climbing around

kids4ever, Jul 2, 2:42am
that sounds nice, the new cafe at the Gardens is great wee museum in that part as well, gives the history of Christchurch

vintage_betty, Jul 2, 4:35am
Just looked, there is a bus that goes from the Palms but it is every two hours grrr. If I missed it coming home I would be in the poo trying to pick up the child from school!

junie2, Mar 8, 1:14pm
Make sure you don't miss it then! It's worth making the effort I think. We will do it again for sure. Our o'seas grandies would love the Adrenaline Forest too , but we thought it was quite pricey. Mind you, if we'd been of a mind we could've clambered around for nothing y'day , as there was no one in sight.

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