OFF THE TOPIC - But please help.

mikesgirl, Jul 30, 11:08pm
I am wondering if anybody has a "Talking Bob" toy that they do not want? My Son is collecting the whole set and this was the first toy out and we missed it :-(. If anybody has one they do not want any more could we please have it? :-)

mikesgirl, Jul 31, 7:45am
No it is talking Bob - he is first one in the corner with both hands up. I have been looking on trade me but no such luck

astrophe, Jul 31, 7:53am
What you offering?

mikesgirl, Jul 31, 10:58pm
How much do you want for it? We pay normally $2.50 at McDonalds for the toys. Also got to take into account postage - that is if you do not live near Burwood :-). To be fair it would have to be setup on Trademe to keep within the rules too. I had a post on the parents board that got deleted before I had a chance to say please put on trademe :-(

astrophe, Oct 15, 2:13pm
I might think about putting them all on TradeMe, $1 reserve each. See what happens. I've got Bob, and I've got that so-called "swearing minion". I had heard that too and thought "What? " but listened again and realised it wasn't what it sounded like.

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