Police and dogs searching in Linwood now?

bluemoonlily, Jun 20, 10:12am
Fright of my life, police and dogs in the back garden searching for someone or some people, up and down Linwood Ave as well.

slimgym, Jun 20, 2:14pm
linwood used to be such a great place to live

jcmp21, Jun 21, 12:58am
Linwood, nuff said

ryanm2, Jun 21, 5:40am
60 years ago?

bluemoonlily, Jun 22, 6:34am
We all have to live somewhere

jessebird, Jun 23, 12:11am
but get a choice.

slimgym, Jun 23, 12:40am
NO not quite 60 years ago

bluemoonlily, Jun 26, 10:38am
Choice diminishes in line with income often.

And what, are we supposed to desert areas of Christchurch because they are deemed unsafe. That just makes them worse, not better.

gillian25, Jun 26, 10:55am
So I have just finished work in that area. Did anyone have anything worthwhile to say. Bad things happen in all areas you know.

kran32, Mar 15, 1:08pm
I lived in Linwood during the 90's. It was a fairly nice area back then but it seems the elderly either moved to rest homes or departed the mortal coil, their houses were rented out and the decline started. It has nothing to do with income. I wasn't rich but I wasn't feral either!

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