House prices in Christchurch. Stabilised

southern-belle, Jul 26, 2:48am
What are they doing in your opinion. I am wanting to move back and get such different pints of view as to prices increasing , decreasing, or stabilising. What is your experience please

fineo, Jul 26, 2:52am
Would appear to have stabilized.
According to the real estate agents we had around to give us an appraisal on our house.

southern-belle, Jul 26, 2:57am
thanks. Hope all goes well for you

kids4ever, Jul 26, 3:34am
i don't think they have stabilized at all. What does go on the market, doesn't last, i think they are still quite high, they won't come down, only go up. You won't get anything cheap here, if thats what you are looking for. Cost of building is way over the top. Put us on same page as Auckland, Patheticly high, go into net and look for yourself, good luck

jon9, Jul 26, 4:20am
What a load of garbage! You obviously have no idea of what's happening in Auckland. You can't even begin to compare prices in auckland and chch. The average price here is around $470,000 and the average in auckland is well into the 800's

Prices have defiantly started to soften in Christchurch, some bargains around in the 400's

tillsbury, Jul 26, 4:44am
I reckon the peak was late last year. Things are definitely a lot softer now, prices flat for 2015 from what I've seen. I bet there'll be a little increase with spring and the cheaper mortgages, but nothing spectacular.

jane310567, Jul 26, 5:09am
agree with tillsbury - rents are also softening.

jamesnmatt, Jul 26, 6:57am
I think rents are stabilising but purchasing is still on a gradual increase - it may have slowed down somewhat though, but skewed by as is, where is sales which get snapped up PDQ.

tomber, Jul 26, 12:10pm
You may still get cheap in ChCh compared to Auckland but don't expect the quality to go with the price, theres no bargain hunting here, if you get cheap be prepared to roll your sleeves up. If you are OK with that then there are still some good buys.

southern-belle, Jul 26, 10:23pm
Thank everyone. Not looking for cheap just affordable for me. Not going to expect to rip people off

southern-belle, Jul 26, 10:26pm
Thank everyone. Not looking for cheap just affordable for me. Not going to expect to rip people off just not wanting to scramble into a red hot market

cassina1, Jul 26, 10:30pm
The media has reported that prices have stabilised due to a large number of new and rebuilt houses now being finished.

sw20, Nov 9, 3:18pm
This is what Tony Brazier was screaming about in The Press some months back. He thinks there is too many houses being built, lowering all the prices with an over supply. Poor wee soul, his over inflated properties are at risk of losing a couple of dollars.

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