Genius homes

vintage_betty, May 20, 12:15am
Was looking at their factory built homes but can't find any reviews at all online. Has anyone had any experience with these? Cheers.

klinnz75, Jul 24, 7:47am
yeah, and never again

patti7, Jul 25, 2:17am
I have heard of a few who have them. They all say they are great and very good to deal with.

moomoo9, Aug 5, 8:46pm
I have got one and are not happy at all we have had nothing but trouble with it

captaingraham, Aug 5, 11:36pm

moomoo9, Aug 6, 12:35am
Put it this way it is not hassle free

astrophe, Sep 29, 1:38pm
Unless you're patti7's friends. ?

Any company doing any service or selling any product is going to have people who loved their experience, and people who warn against ever using them!

This is why personal testimonials via online forums is actually not a good way to make a decision.

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