World Buskers Festival Ends On Sunday

martymuke, Jan 23, 8:11am
Main events are in North Hagley Park during the afternoon.
All good , except the Male Contortionist who pulls his pants down at the end of the contortion show so all the little kids can see his skimpy undies.
Why does he do that in front of a bunch of kids ?
This happened . I know . I was there.
I made video highlights and put them on the YouTube

fordy1110, Jan 23, 8:32am
also they have buskers and the kite day at brighton tomorrow. And also buskers on sunday incase people are bored and want some entertainment. just bring some extra dollars to give to them. :)

thebuzzyone, Jan 23, 9:01pm
The weekend buskers at Brighton are awesome.

Went last year and thoroughly enjoyed the day. I got a touch of sun-burn there though - so as well as some extra dollars and fordy110 above suggests - remember to be sun safe as it looks like it's going to be another really hot day!

fordy1110, Jan 23, 9:18pm
Also if you do take children provide some snacks,a drink and a hat, sunscreen etc. And maybe something to entertain them as well Some might get bored sitting for so long.

And please don't bring your dogs. I hate seeing them sitting in the sun panting away while your licking iceblock as i also this a few times last year.
I do understand you want to take them for a walk but not everyone wants to sniffed or licked by a dog.

And I love dogs But i am not allowed 1 only a cat at my place.
Just stop for a short time, and have a rest and let the dog has a drink of water.
Sorry to sound rude but We don't like to be in the heat without a drink so think of them also thank you.

But have a good day everyone,.

martymuke, Jan 24, 10:09pm
Kite Day was excellent , lots of new ones
I made a 5 minute video of highlights
coz I'm good like that.

shortee2, Jan 25, 3:39am
Yep Brighton was really buzzing yesterday, wish it were like that every weekend, Buskers are there again today, so it will be a good couple of days, for our forgotten suburb

martymuke, Feb 4, 11:43am
With all the people around , it did remind me of how things were about 39 years ago.

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