Best most through building inspectors in chch

kool_guy, Apr 20, 11:03pm
Any recommendations would be great, looking for an inspector that's all registered etc and will do a through check of the foundations / roof etc.


dannyboy24, Apr 21, 4:04am
We used "Ibis 2000" for a pre purchase they were great. From memory they cost $500 but they checked everything and were good peace of mind

cloffie, Apr 21, 12:29pm
I agree with Dannyboy-I have used them too .
they provided me with a very detailed report.

kool_guy, Apr 22, 5:47am
Thanks for the recommendation. I will check them out :-)

jaybee116, Dec 9, 10:47am
I've used them too and very pleased with what they provided.

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