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cobbler, May 24, 10:30am
We have had road works in out street now for 4 months. no worry's on that. They have a job to do. But what I have found is my house shakes when the diggers are working on the road. Now I have found new cracks in the bricks. ( all the cracks were fixed when the earthquakes repairs were done)
I have told my insurance company. any one else that I should tell ?

kayakforsale, May 24, 10:57am
I'd be finding out which contractor is doing the roadworks and letting them know in writing just in case you need it later.

hd07, May 24, 7:27pm
Damage caused by vibration is often excluded under most insurance companies.

As above, contact the roading company and cc the Council as well.

golfaholic2, May 24, 8:12pm
Id suggest that repairs were substandard if cracks are reappearing . are they in the same area ? did you have previous photos
No doubt the mortar will be slightly different colour ?

captaingraham, May 24, 8:18pm
Was the foundation glued back together?

junie2, May 25, 1:54am
I'm not in the know, but we have similar probs, and no one is interested. Have been bounced between EQC ( and their repairer/builder) and Ins co, more than once, and am just about to give up I think. Figure that if something goes very wrong in a few years I have a very comprehensive paper trail. Which begins with first scope saying house should be lifted, to final scope which saw 3 or 4 piles replaced. And yes, glued foundation too.

moodybleu, May 25, 2:26am
In the normal scheme of things most houses will vibrate with roadworks, buses and trucks . Not much you can do about it really. I would think the chance of getting it repaired or monies would be about zero.

vanderbel, Sep 2, 2:29pm
I would think that this damage should be covered by the contractor??

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