Rorts,frauds and rip offs.

kletis1, Aug 1, 12:28pm
I used to believe that people had a conscience,some tack or even an ounce of dignity. Since 4/09/10 i have witnessed first hand the utter greed and dishonesty from the people of Chch I once considered work mates or colleagues.I have been a self employed painter for 14 yrs and were always proud of my job,and the job I did.Now,I am so over having to bite my lip and turn a blind eye to the absolute crap that I have endured the last 4 years, that I am willing to walk away from something i love.I have always treated everyones property the same,whether it a state house or a mansion.

kletis1, Aug 1, 12:45pm
I have never judged how others live.Yet I have seen decent people turn all for the almighty dollar.Th backhanders, the lies,the 'im alright Jack' mentality.The no bodies 4 years ago who now have millions in the bank from playing the Fletchers game.Is this what money does to people? My friend got fired today as he was 'too slow' at his job apparently. His downfall was to ask questions,and not be a sheeple.Fired on the spot.From a boss that buys broken houses,with an LBP to repair as cheaply as possible,a slap of plaster and paint, and hocks them off at 2x what he paid.I have learn't too to never ask,just do,or no work for you.I have seen so many houses and people try and question their repairs and to be shut down,only for
Fletchers to sign off on their behalf.Taxpayers money wasted.Those that have alot or alot of pull have got everything. those that don't got nothing.I'm now so sick of what this E/Q has done to us Cantabs,that I no longer want to be part of it.Greed,lies and who you know,not what has done me in.I love the quotes and comments from David270. His thoughts,his way of thinking.I loved my job too. until i realised that unless you play the game and not speak up,your worth nothing!

lambrat, Aug 1, 5:19pm
sorry to read your frustration kleitis.
a very elderly and blind woman living close by, down nearer the river, had her home tarted up like that by fletchers contractors . one of them even bought her flowers to say sorry for how long it took them. although no mention was made about the major foundation damage, which was clearly visible from the outside, to anyone with fully functioning eyeballs.
she couldn't read the scope of course, but could tell the floor was still all wonky down one side of the house when she got moved back into it.
i only found out yesterday, she has moved out, sold it at a major loss.

eta. i wonder who bought it. yes this is what money does to people. i think it might be called 'disaster capitalism'

starskey, Aug 1, 6:53pm
Someone on trademe did mention that Fletchers are sleeping in the same bed as The Minister Gerry Brownlee

david_270, Aug 1, 8:32pm
Thanks kletis1. Very sad to read your story.
There does seem to be a complete lack of morality & ethics in the post-quake scene, but probably just typical of the world at large.
There still are good people, doing good things, and acting decently & ethically, but as you have seen, evil often drives out the good.
"Disaster capitalism" is certainly an apt description, and some of the things in Chch are what has happened elsewhere in the world. Australia & the USA for starters. Probably no surprise how the insurance industry plays the game:
What has been the most disappointing thing has been the lack of any moral or ethical leadership. The ruling politicians have favoured business interests, including insurers, and because the state has two insurance companies (EQC & SR), rather than work to protect homeowners interests, they have taken the low road, supporting those who lie, cheat, intimidate & steal. The EQC engineer situation illustrates it well.
Unfortunately there is no quick fix, or easy answers.
In John Keys dog eat dog world, there are "winners & losers".

pico42, Aug 2, 12:54am
John Key's dog eat dog world?
The world has been that place for millenia., Aug 2, 2:00am
They found one big enough?

cronezone, Aug 2, 2:14am
#6 Only in a very small way here,under his leadership & since the quakes, it has become very much worse.

All over the world,there are good people doing good things,most in a small way & we very seldom hear of them because bad news sells' so we hear of those few rip off merchants who've been unmasked,or the latest crime. If it starts getting you down & you begin to believe that those attitudes are in the majority,then look around the world & you'll find evidence of those good people - & if an 12 year old can start this,then there's hope for the world.

david_270, Aug 2, 3:08am
But it doesn't excuse it. The state should not be doing over the elderly & vulnerable.
Didn't work well as a defense at Nuremburg either.

lm446, Aug 2, 3:16am
There should be an archive available to the public where the real stories can be told. Somewhere for the bodies to be buried, and excavated in a few years time. Our experience was unbelievable, and we had to endure both a major fixup and also agreed to some renovations.
The ripoffs were incredible and only came to light after the contractors went under.
This disaster is not a story of resilience and fortitude, it is a story of beaten down and downtrodden victims of a natural disaster parasitised by greedy corporates and substandard bureaucrats.
And don't even mention the bloody council.
I could carve better public servants from a banana

jhan, Sep 14, 3:25pm
If any of you read the history write ups after major disasters around the world, you would find a similar pattern. Your disaster is another person's gift to make money from it.
Try the 1906 San Francisco earthquake for starters. To get an honest appraisal of who made how much money from what or whom, a fair amount of time must pass.
The Christchurch earthquake is different because we now have the internet. I hope some historian is gathering the information for the unwritten book in the year 2100.

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