Found more earthquake damage after repairs

jaybee38, May 30, 7:05am
We had our fairly minimal earthquake damage repairs ages ago. Have now had aluminium doors and windows fixed (gaps letting cold air in because they aren't quite aligned) and the guy pointed out that one whole set (4 x panels of bifold door) has skewed in its frame. He reckoned the only thing that could have caused it was a quake, and its going to be quite a big job to fix it. Needs to be taken out and refitted. It wasnt on the scope of works and obviously wasnt noticed by the chap who looked at the original damage. I didnt notice either as we dont often have it open. Only tracked it down because of the breeze coming through it. Is it too late to claim on it?

androoo, May 30, 10:19pm
you can, call eqc and ask them to email you missed damage process details, has all the info you need. send it through as a quote and they'll pay out on that price.

ronash, May 31, 2:36am
You will be lucky if they 'pay out at that price' just like that! I finally managed to get quotes from reputable tradespeople for earthquake damage and EQC have challenged them ALL! Firstly, the quote will not be formatted in the exacting way necessary, many tradespeople can't be bothered doing this when re approached. Secondly, Eqc will challenge it and then pay for their own Fletcher's tradies to come and do a report and quote for EQC. This information you will only obtain through an OIA request. EQC if they even agree, that it is indeed earthquake damage, will send you a payment that is at least half if not less of the cost of the job of your original quote! Good luck, you will need it!

david_270, May 31, 3:19am
It will most likely be your wall that is skewed or racked, not the door unit.
In theory you can still claim, and also in theory EQC were meant to be honest. lol.

lankylass, May 31, 6:37am
If you claim make sure it goes under your original claim number and EQC don't give you a new claim number because if they do & they say it's a new claim they will charge you another excess fee of $200. Ask the guy who came to look at the door to give you a quote and on that quote get him to say it was damaged occurred in the earthquake.

jaybee38, Aug 4, 3:40pm
Thanks very much for your replies - they are actually more encouraging than I expected (even though I wont hold my breath on getting it covered!).

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