Dog kennels

We are off on holiday and need to find a good dog in Canterbury. Any recommendations?

sarahh2011, Jul 7, 4:46 pm

is it a dog or dog kennels you are looking for

kids4ever, Jul 7, 5:03 pm

We use Donquest, they moved from Styx , Hussey Road) to Pound road around the back of the airport.

brightlights60, Jul 7, 5:04 pm

A country home in amberley is my girls favourite! Lovely sunny place with heated floors and reasonable prices.

jane310567, Jul 7, 7:04 pm

Lol, dog kennels

sarahh2011, Jul 7, 8:01 pm

Why not ask neighbors and keep dog at home. Much nicer than at noisy small kennels

chchearthquake, Jul 7, 8:48 pm

SPCA boards a few, but don't advertise it much.Have been very impressed with their care.

schnauzer11, Jul 7, 11:26 pm

Barkers out Kaiapoi

stojo, Jul 8, 12:10 am

muddy footprints homestay, your pooch will get way more love :)

lil_tarnz, Jul 8, 12:20 am

Shadow estate in loburn is what we have used in the past for our pugs during house repairs/renos.
Carly is really good with the dogs, worth the trip out that way to shadow estate.

millerz08, Jul 8, 7:32 am

Alameda in Dyers Road are very good. Lovely people that run it.

piker55, Jul 8, 11:36 am

Amberley Precious Pets if your dog is a small one. Lovely new kennels by their website but not suitable for my large dogs.

kacy5, Jul 8, 11:42 am

These guys are great. Kennels not flash to look at but are just lovely with the animals they are looking after

babylak, Jul 10, 11:09 pm

Muddy footprints,I was very happy and more importantly so was my big boy. First time boarded out in 9 years. Prestons rd by the primary school.

success27, Jul 12, 12:34 pm

Alameda are brilliant for cats, and I know they board dogs as well. As babylak says the owners are lovely.

calista, Jul 18, 9:02 pm


char522, Jul 22, 9:19 pm

There is new owners as of two weeks ago. Shadow estate is good

tdf_, Jul 23, 1:01 am

Haven't been able to get into place of choice so am trying BARKERS PARK just out of Kaiapoi .visited yesterday to check out ,looking good heat pump ducting into kennel area and owner very dog orientated so reckon my boy will be happy socialising with others for a couple of nights.

success27, Jul 25, 8:49 am

How did your boy go and what did you think of it?

snoozeybub, Oct 4, 3:18 pm

House sitter with a family member?

ttaotua1, Oct 4, 4:41 pm

Yes, cat part is lovely, am going to book the dog there this week.

tomber, Oct 4, 6:16 pm

Hi snoozeybub,my boy enjoyed himself .Joined in well,he is very sociable anyway so I will put him in there next time for a couple of nights next month.i was happy with his care he received so all good.

success27, Oct 7, 11:17 pm

Shadow Estate, my boy has been going there for a decade. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

aquarianchick, Feb 10, 4:16 am

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