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farmerjones, Aug 4, 7:44am
I am after recommendations for building companies in chch.
We are looking at purchasing a section just north of chch at braeburn estate.
I havnt a clue which company to start with but if any one has any experience or info on the big companies and who is reasonably priced as most of them don't list price.

david_270, Aug 4, 7:53am
Look at and
Search on here for comments on the big building cos.
and price can be deceiving. It may not be the cost.

si50, Aug 4, 8:44am
search some of the names using the search box at left of this page. You will get some idea as to peoples opinions from that. Cost depends on so many factors that you will never get that off a website though.

kacy5, Aug 4, 8:57am
I am hoping to go with DNA Structures with my next (downsized) build or perhaps the local builder who built this house for us a few years ago.

jane310567, Aug 4, 10:11am
Paul McStay - we have built with them, mum has twice, my friend is currently and my sister in the planning stage now. No flashiness - just good certified builders.

intheoneone, Aug 4, 2:05pm
Stonewood will be the cheapest. But also the worst out of anyone.

tigger250, Aug 5, 3:43am
Try Home Trend Builders - they have just finished repairing house ad they are goo and efficient. Also built my son's house to a very high standard. Search them on web or facebook

kids4ever, Oct 5, 1:09pm
we called in to see a friend today who has just movedin her new re-build. she went with Orange Homes, and gosh it was gorgeous, just faultless, what a fantastic job they did, right down to every detail and landscaping out of this world, definately recommend them. I would go with them too if we built again

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