Antigua St footbridge

How disappointing the design. Talk about a budget bridge.Will this be typical of what to expect in ChCh?
Rant over. As you were.

vic008, Jun 8, 6:26 am

of course. there is no longer any need for chch to look charming, elegant or tasteful. . there appears to be a surfeit of modern charmless people here now.

lambrat, Jun 8, 7:16 am

I thought it was nice and simple. Although I did laugh at the lamppost at the boatshed end which is in the middle of the footpath. Could they not have moved it to the side of the bridge when they replaced it?

ggoodwin, Jun 8, 8:39 am

I find nothing wrong with it, always has to be someone moan about what is happening in Christchurch, we would expect comments like that from you *lambrat*

kids4ever, Jun 8, 8:58 am

speak for yourself! lol

honest-reliable, Jun 8, 9:22 am

of course! . comment is based on several new to chch people i've met lately.
can't say i'm elegant, tasteful or charming all the time though either LOL

lambrat, Jun 8, 8:53 pm

Gosh I'm glad you said new to Chch!

Our new local bridges are disgusting too. Guild St footbridge & even worse the Chancellor St footbridge. Both look like they were built & designed by a Year 9 woodwork students & that's being mean to Year 9 Woodwork students but maybe with Gerry Brownlee as their not great at woodwork teacher!

mme, Jun 9, 12:39 pm

Mrs B here. I did a stint a couple of weeks ago doing deliveries all over town. What an eye opener. Saw some lovely new building designs and went over 3 new major bridges. Was impressed. The only thing that did not impress me, was where there are strip shops (you know, the "local" with the dairy, the hairdresser, fish and chip shops), found these universally concrete block and cheap looking. There were a few nice ones, but not many. It is interesting to see a new city unfold, was also blown away by the amount of rebuilds. Going through some suburbs, every 3rd or 4th house was a new rebuild. Months ago it was container city, with every second house have a container on their front lawn with all their worldly possessions in it while the EQC repairs were done. Now it seems to be the rebuilds. All styles too, from the expensive suburbs down to really cute little rebuilds with lots of personality in places like Travis Road, Bexley, Aranui. Unexpected ones where you wouldn't think there had been damage too. I guess we all get stuck in our own work/home drive/grind but when you get out and look, really look, around the city, you see the changes.

brightlights60, Jun 11, 8:33 am

Looks fine to me.

Seems to be in keeping with the area and the boatsheds themselves. You'd rather have some out of place glass and steel 'artistic' monstrosity?

astrophe, Jun 11, 9:06 am

I rode over it the other day on the way home from work. Went well. Was much better than trying to use the hospital bridge.

tygertung, Jun 17, 10:06 am

I walked over it for the first time on Monday morning and although it is wide I was given a fright several times by cyclists coming up behind me and weaving between other pedestrians. Are there meant to be markings on it or is there an unwritten rule I have yet to learn?

ronash, Jun 18, 12:26 am

There were markings on the old one but neither cyclists nor walkers paid them any heed - so why bother?

astrophe, Jun 18, 1:05 am

The unwritten rule I think may be 'keep left, pass on the right and the person passing has responsibility to do so safetly'.

If you are in a forign country where they drive on the right the rule is reversed maybe?

tygertung, May 13, 2:20 pm

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