Cyclist dies on evans pass road

wondering if anyone has heard what caused this accident ?
I cycle this once a week and know that the seal is a bit rough and
once you are past the hairpin you can descend very fast.

bergkamp, Oct 10, 5:06 pm

I walk up to Ocean View Rd, and had been thinking that the greenery on the berm is starting to encroach on the white line area (no footpath). But the accident was further up the road it said on an earlier report.

sumstyle, Oct 10, 10:14 pm

the rider concerned was a very experienced rider . i dont personally know what caused the crash tho.

chef1964, Oct 12, 4:49 pm

Only an idiot would cycle up or down that road! A very experienced idiot maybe!

strobo, Oct 12, 4:54 pm

That is a little harsh

honest-reliable, Oct 12, 5:10 pm

Death is no respecter of persons and I stand by what I say.None more harsh than putting your own life on the line free-riding a cycle on a public " motor"way !

strobo, Oct 12, 5:15 pm

Life is risk.
NZ offers many ways to die in accidents.
By your reasoning, no one should ever go tramping

lm446, Oct 12, 5:49 pm

Common sense says your at risk to yourself & others if you put yourself in a situation that can have a tragic outcome !No matter what it is be it ,tramping ,ski-ing,cycling etc. Nothing more I can say about that.

strobo, Oct 12, 6:04 pm

Ahh, yes -But what I infer from your cautionary post is that one should wrap oneself and ones children in cotton wool to avoid the inevitable.

In the case of the accident victim, it is churlish to imply that he had it coming.
Most people who embrace life do so at some personal risk -Others die without ever having lived. I think I can guess which camp you fall into.
That is all I wish to say about that

lm446, Oct 12, 6:21 pm

unbelievable post ,
3 or 4 hundred people die in motor vehicle accidents every year in NZ , just look at the multiple deaths in CHCH cbd recently . so we should all stay at home ?

the benefits of cycling far outweigh the odds of death /accident .

bergkamp, Oct 12, 7:24 pm

it is also a "risk" to not exercise . eg an early death due to diabeties or heart desease

bergkamp, Oct 12, 7:27 pm

Don't drive your car or cross the road, someone might crash into you. Hundreds of people per year dying in car accidents. Please consider you are not reducing your risk of heart disease when driving.

tygertung, Oct 13, 6:51 am

That's a stupid thing to say. I do it regularly. I'm a MTBer and often ride the Greenwood Park track and descend down Evans Pass Road. I guess I'm an idiot too. Shall we just sit on our computers and stay safe while watching everyone else enjoy life just in case we get hurt or die?

It sounds like a freak accident - although I don't believe we know the cause yet.

puddleduck00, Oct 13, 10:26 am

For your information, there isn't that much traffic on Evans Pass during the week. This is mostly due to the fact the road on the other side is close. The only logical reason you'd drive up there is to go for a walk/ride or get to Godley Head.

puddleduck00, Oct 13, 10:29 am


puddleduck00, Oct 13, 11:15 am

Yep, far more cyclists on that road than cars on any given day

pandai, Oct 13, 12:48 pm

murrayh, Oct 14, 11:13 am

Tragic. That's awful. Very very unlucky.

puddleduck00, Oct 14, 6:54 pm

Going over the handlebars is very odd, some mountainbikes have had problems where something has been caught in the front disk brake rotor and can cause sudden stoppage. One particular recall was for Trek bikes where the skewer, if in slightly the wrong angle can get caught in the front rotor. Also, its been posted that cables could get caught bringing the bike to a sudden stop. Its not that this may have been what happened but i urge anyone riding a bike with a front brake rotor to check these factors.
Apparently the Trek design flaw has left several people dead and many injured (paralysed) by landing on their heads.

Other trek recalls can be found here
Also note that carbon handlebars are notoriously dangerous - here is a post

tmc1, Oct 14, 8:53 pm

It's a fairly rough earthquake damaged road with occasional rockfall and potholes. It also has a couple of deceptive bends. I'm wondering if any of this was a factor. Or like you say TMC, a mechanical fault. Either way I'll be on my brakes a lot more when I head down there next time (MTB not roadbike for me).

puddleduck00, Oct 14, 9:15 pm

maybe a pothole and a fork failing

bergkamp, Oct 14, 9:29 pm

Mountain bikes are a much more durable investment for ChCh roads and they will be forever as road surfaces keep potholing after heavy rain. There is no money to do more than a patchup job on many roads.

cassina1, Oct 15, 4:06 pm

I have not had any problems on my steel framed road bike.

tygertung, Oct 15, 5:20 pm

Interesting seeing the problems with Disc Brakes. Does all this technology being used on modern bikes cause more problems on what used to be a very simple machine?

stojo, Oct 15, 6:34 pm

Older style horseshoe or V-brakes aren't much use for stopping at high speed or stopping when they're wet. They can also melt if you brake too much when going downhill.

puddleduck00, Oct 15, 7:52 pm

Totally agree. Even some cycle lanes are too rough for road bikes.

puddleduck00, Jan 12, 4:22 am

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