Pellet fire questions

redphoenix3, Jun 14, 9:31am
We are moving from our rental of 15 years to a new one instead of a log burner we will have a pellet fire and a ground hall heatpump- oh and a nightstore (but it hasnt been used in years- if we want to) Do most people just buy a few bags to last a week or can you buy bulk from somewhere (hopefully at a reduced cost, hehe) and is there any issues with storing them if you buy heaps? Also are all pellets made equal or is it like pine vs oregon? Plus any other things i may need to know, do they get left on over night, like my fire, or is that not safe? (as we do have the HP in the hall too) and what if anything needs to be done to maintain them for optimal performance? it is freestanding

david_270, Jun 15, 12:48am
The 20kg Azwood bags at Bunnings may be the best value. $11.
I think they are better than the other ones.
If you change the burners diet you may need to change its settings.

poppy127, Jun 15, 2:27am
The 20kg Azwood bags at Bunnings are the best.

family007, Jun 15, 5:35am
Agree with the bunnings ones. They burn down to practically nothing. We buy about 10-12 bags at a time. There's no discount if you buy in bulk. We don't leave ours going at night, you'd burn through too many pellets that way!
You do need to clean the firebox and basket out.
What sort of pellet fire is it?

redphoenix3, Jun 15, 6:56am
Im not sure of the brand sorry. All i remember is it is free standing. so if you have to adjust something if you put in different pellets does that mean they do not all burn equally and some are hotter/better/slower etc than others?

david_270, Jun 15, 8:33am
Yep. We've got a Bayview, and there is a control on the side which affects the airflow. I just adjusted it until we got a clean burn with no soot forming on the glass.

family007, Jun 16, 5:14am
No real difference between pellets, we used to use natures flame but the price was dearer than the other brand and for only a 15kg bag. The other brand is 20kg.
Our fire has electronic ignition and also has a damper on the side for airflow. One bag of pellets does us about 3-4 nights. We have the pellet feed set about half to three quarters. The fire gets turned on about 430 and off at about 11pm.

ae86guy, Jun 16, 6:35am
We use azwood pellets, and we leave it going overnight so 1 bag lasts us 2 nights or if it's freezing we can use 1 bag a night. I buy between 10-20 at a time, the only problem with storage is they need to be in a dry place, the bags have tiny holes in them and if water gets in the pellets will swell up.

raynz2, Jun 16, 9:32am
They are very expensive to run

pauliswiked, Jun 22, 7:13am
I agree that the Azwood brand is the best. We were originally using the Natures Flame from Mitre10 with poor results/ heat. Since we have switched, the difference is like night and day. So much more warmth!

emmaj26, Jun 26, 2:03am
We also buy the bunnings ones and find the burn is better. We only buy a fee bags at a time. Theyre not more expensive to run than a fire if you are used to paying retail price for wood. We'd been getting free wood so it was a shock to the system with the higher power bill too.

graham14, Jun 26, 3:59am
Compared to what.

family007, Jun 27, 12:42am
Pellet fires cost the same to run as a light bulb. Where did you hear they were expensive raynz2?

dogbond, Jun 27, 12:45am
Only visited one house which had a pellet fire, all I could hear was 'ting ting ting' as they fell through, would drive me mad!

gsimpson, Jun 28, 5:37am
There are online comparisons for equivalent KWhr.

tool_shop173, Jun 28, 5:56am
Rubbish, over exagerating. We have had ours 15years now andthat sound is pretty cool.

tinawal, Jun 29, 9:19am
We buy ours in bulk 50 bags at mitre 10 as they are cheaper that way, we go through about 45 bags a winter. be interested to try the bunnings ones

dogbond, Jun 29, 9:02pm
Not rubbish at all! They had a pellet fire, that is what I could hear, and for me, it would drive me potty. Obviously you like the sound, good on ya!

jonners2013, Jun 30, 3:20am
there's plenty of very quiet ones available these days.

tool_shop173, Jun 30, 5:28am
Sounds like your a very intolerable person.

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