Important for those with Cash settlements

graemehw, Mar 9, 10:50pm
If you have lathe & plaster &/or vinyl needing replacing & you have held off the work - you need to test for asbestos - if shown positive you can then get back to EQC - we've held off awhile as will remodel etc - awaiting for our builder to be available .

Cost of asbestos removal can be high - need to vacate - time for air particulates to settle ( testing )

so even if delaying - think out getting tests done - apparently eqc pay out includes money for tests - I can't remember seeing that on my settlement.

aof11w, Apr 7, 6:41am
Good luck with payment, I had mine done 5 Dec 14. Still waiting on the bill to be paid. EQC have now given it to Fletcher's and on their urgent list for payment , could be another 10 weeks. Mine was in Lino under carpet which a previous owner 1/2 removed.

lambrat, Dec 5, 7:57am
oops . bookman2 has had his account deleted, i will miss his humour!

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