Dog sitter in school hours, Sumner

eilidh5, Mar 21, 6:38am
Hi I have a Staffy X dog called Peaches. She has a lovely nature and really hates to be left alone. I need a sitter for school hours while I go to work. Can you help? She doesn't need walking or feeding, just company. I'm in Sumner and travel to work in town.

lil_tarnz, Mar 21, 6:59am
have you thought about doggy day care?
or using DAP and some "amusing" toys?

jane310567, Mar 21, 9:20am
what about a wee leaflet around homes in the area?

babylak, Mar 21, 9:21pm
What about Doggie Day Care. You drop them off before heading to work:

dolphinlu, Dec 27, 1:04pm
What abt leaving the tv or radio on.

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