Who can do this job? (paving)

Reason I ask is that I have contacted a few companies listed here under Services, but all have declined. Job is either too small or too big for them.

I have ca 35m2 of paving in my garden. Some of it has subsided (pre-earthquake) due to (I assume) poor preparation. Ideally I'd like the existing pavers to be taken out, ground prepared properly, and existing pavers put back in place.

If cheaper, similar new paving with similar pattern would be OK.

https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/415875447.jpg https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/415875431.jpg https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/415875414.jpg https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/415875368.jpg https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/415875348.jpg https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/415875325.jpg https://trademe.tmcdn.co.nz/photoserver/full/415875286.jpg

Any ideas?

Suburb: Parklands.

markwolk, Oct 3, 10:35 am

Hi I'll ask my son when he gets home from work tonight if he's interested he does hard landscape gardening there's hard and soft landscaping, soft being plants etc hard being pavers/ decks/ etc

didee, Mar 1, 4:08 am

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