Has the latest EQC thread disappeared?

supersapper, Sep 15, 7:44pm
Who keeps pulling them I wonder.

jett.industries, Sep 15, 9:04pm
No idea, it had disappeared by last night. Am annoyed because that blardy troll kept stirring the pot. Why can't they keep out and just let the people who want to discuss these things do so?

onzy, Sep 15, 9:09pm
Yeah i agree, pretty insulting to the many people who are still having issues and suffering as a result of them.

ronash, Sep 15, 9:13pm
That is strange :-( There were some really useful links in it. I know there was some opposing opinions but nothing that I thought would warrant its removal. Anyway, I would like to repeat that we are having lots of issues with defective repairs on several properties and they include structural, not only cosmetic. EQC have been notified and I've sent reports; we have received emails stating that they will contact us within a month . waiting, waiting . !

ronash, Sep 15, 9:48pm
On reflection, it may have been the comment that a contributor to the thread worked for EQR and had scoped the home of a named MP. It was also inferred that it was a lovely home and would have been well repaired and that was why the said MP was not supportive of those complaining about shoddy repairs!

jett.industries, Sep 15, 10:00pm
Oh, so it was the stirring troll. I would like the name of the lawyer who is trying to sort out a royal enquiry please.

ronash, Sep 15, 10:12pm
Duncan Webb is his name. Sorry, I am not computer savvy enough to put up a link but hopefully you can find info on the net :-)

jett.industries, Sep 16, 12:51am
That wasn't the name that was given, it was Andrew something I think. ?

derrida, Sep 16, 12:56am
It is Duncan Webb; he is a lawyer with Lane Neave. Here is the link to the Dropbox folder where you can download copy of the petition:

jett.industries, Sep 16, 1:00am
Thank you

Do you know date these need to be in please?

derrida, Sep 16, 3:32am
I am told that we have the rest of the year to collection signatures . though sooner rather than later is best! For your signature to be included in the official petition it has to be a physical version. But there is also an online petition of support. A new website with an explanation of the petition and links to the PDF version and the online support version is available at http://www.yeswecan.org.nz/

david_270, Sep 16, 9:21am

david_270, Sep 16, 9:29am

derrida, May 3, 4:18pm
Should add the petition's formal close date 10 October . Yet will probably stay open for longer as interest has been so great.

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