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zoopa, Mar 2, 9:29pm
Yea, lets do that. Get rid of any old architecture. Modern all the way!


slimgym, Mar 2, 10:36pm
what was the name of the pub that they did this on, the hotel stood on the cnr by the square what a waste of money, all came down in the eq

greenfruit1, Mar 3, 12:10am
Warners Hotel got a large grant to restore.

craftylady1, Mar 3, 12:34am
I reckon they should get rid of the rubble on the corner of Colombo St and Brougham Streets

addington261, Mar 3, 12:49am
agree, it is an eyesore .

craftylady1, Mar 3, 1:33am
There are a LOT of weeks growing all over that site now

ericthered1, Mar 3, 2:36am
What about the mess in the middle of the Cathedral square? Cant they get rid of that

donna_marie, Mar 3, 2:49am
Well if they are growing weeks id like quite a few of them, thanks crafty.

cassina1, Mar 3, 2:55am
Maybe the council does not care as long as they are getting rates from the landowners. If the owners stopped paying rates they would be forced to sell their properties with ruins still on them. Maybe the owners are waiting for insurance court cases or are waiting for confirmed leases for their yet to be built developments. Some owners may end up waiting decades for leasing interest in their planned developments as already there are finished new buildings awaiting tenants.

thebuzzyone, Mar 3, 3:06am
Why would the Council have any interest in something on private property which is an issue for the owners, their insurers and (presumably) CERA and maybe the historic places folks.

jessebird, Mar 3, 3:07am
Reckon we should all stop paying our rates! then they would be stuffed.

cronezone, Mar 3, 4:21am
Yeah,just dump it on Gerry's front lawn,eh!

craftylady1, Mar 3, 5:07am
LOL. sorry that was meant to be weeds. silly autocorrect

dottyone1, Mar 3, 6:18am
Yes place does look pretty bleak with rubble still there after all this time. Doint really like going home to Christchurch and seeing that mess after all thios time

william1980, Mar 3, 6:30am
Isaac Theatre Royal anyone? Was a single wall a year ago but looks fantastic now.

coralsnake, Mar 3, 7:16am
Last I heard it was subject to a court hearing as it was illegally demolished.

craftylady1, Mar 3, 7:18am
Yes, I heard that too. but that doesn't top it being an eyesore

slimgym, Mar 3, 9:46am
no it was by the avon river they kept the frontage but built a flash hotel behind it

bosch2006, Mar 3, 10:44am
if your eyes are sore you should see i eye doctor

coralsnake, Mar 3, 2:37pm
It was a very old Church and not unattractive given it's age.

slimgym, Mar 3, 4:21pm
so true, there was a program about the eq on tv and the police coming up from south and its clearly there a probably they were worried about it falling on to Moorhouse Ave, if they didn't pull it down we would have been down to two lanes but don't let me get in the way of a good court case, by the heritage trust, remember when they argued about the building in Manchester street, it soon fell down

slimgym, Mar 3, 4:21pm
and it had no space around it

devine-spark, Mar 4, 2:26am
I think a lot of people are plainly getting tired with these so called architectural treasure sitting around and deteriorating whilst people argue about their futures. They make our city look like rubbish and some of them are going to be hugely expensive to do anything slightly reasonable to them. Let us please move on and start getting our city organised in a timely fashion. Some of these old buildings are merely menaces that are slowing the progress and are eyesores. (my opinion anyway).

zoopa, Mar 4, 9:17am
Na. I think they build behind it and keep the facade. It does look awesome They have done so elsewhere in Chch, but I just can't remember where.

william1980, Mar 4, 9:23am
This is the most recent update I could find about the Excelsior:

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