Class actions begin in Christchurch

2meltonpark, Aug 23, 11:25pm

astrophe, Aug 24, 12:17am
I can't help but feel that there was no way to handle this situation without this sort of class action arising.

There are some genuinely shafted people, and I hope they get what they need, but I also wonder how much of 'the whole problem' is people not understanding their insurances, not understanding engineering themselves, not getting what they felt they should, not getting away with ripping off EQC .

Lose/lose, I reckon.

martin11, Aug 24, 12:48am
One of the biggest problems was that EQC did not have trade qualified or experienced people doing the initial scopes . That is why a lot of people managed to rip of and get double paid for their repairs .
I know of leaky homes that were pre earthquake and they have managed to get them repaired by EQC .
Also a lot that were substandard buildings have also been fixed by EQC .
. Some people are also claiming for a lot of repairs that were faults in the building before the earthquakes . Hard to prove now and get the payouts back .

androoo, Aug 24, 3:03am
double paid for repairs?

puddles11, Aug 24, 3:26am
Yes, their initial scopes were absolutely appalling. They had YEARS to plan for a big event like this, and that's the best they could come up with? "Oh well, when it happens we'll just get a bunch of non qualified people, arm them all with an ipad and a checklist form to fill in and she'll be right". If they weren't planning for something like this before September 2010, what on earth were they doing?

martin11, Aug 24, 4:02am
Yes a well known fact within the industry I know a few who managed this .

pezarointeriors, Aug 24, 4:04am
Double paid. Hmm, I'd settle for once paid.

astrophe, Jul 13, 4:20pm
I got double paid. Legitimately, though.

Paid out in cash for September's, which I used to renovate in December, and work done a couple of years later to fix February's cracks that appeared in that same room.

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