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Stack that firewood closer to the house, clean out the heatpump filter, shake out the thermals, here it comes lol.

brightlights60, Jun 11, 7:37 pm

Will be a nice change, overnight lows this week of 12-15c don't feel right for winter.

El Nino is going to seriously stuff the ski season in Canterbury as well sadly

jon9, Jun 11, 8:49 pm

Bring it ON! Would much rather sit cosily indoors by the fire, than try and keep cool in the heat like we had in summer.

craftylady1, Jun 11, 9:09 pm

Have been enjoying the nice days but tired after waking in the night HOT !

lyndad59, Jun 11, 10:04 pm

Ditto Crafty. 3 days ago Mrs B got the fire ready, stacked wood here there and everywhere and its still not cold enough to light the blessed thing.

brightlights60, Jun 12, 6:05 am

I lit it anyway, love the ambience during long dark nights. It put me to sleep though but I haven't used much firewood this winter---just when I have heaps too.

kacy5, Jun 12, 6:08 am

We didn't pay 9k for a new regulation wood burner to not use it.haven't had it on the last 2 days, but lit it about 1600 today

craftylady1, Jun 12, 6:59 am

Ouch, 9k---are they that much? Are they made of gold or is just the firebox lined with it?

kacy5, Jun 12, 9:10 am

That included scaffolding, as we have a 2 storey house, and that was over 2k. Then there was permit and installing. Its a nice woodburner. Masport Grandview, and wasnt cheap. But we are very happy with it.

There are definitely cheaper options, and this one will probably outlive me

craftylady1, Jun 12, 7:23 pm

Thank goodness we moved to Auckland two yrs ago. Not nearly as cold over here on North Shore. You can have the snow and wind a nd fires. We just get rain and droughts,

dottyone1, Jun 13, 3:00 am

My son and DIL live in Birkdale on the north shore. She is an akl girl. If it gets below 10 up there, she thinks its a frost

craftylady1, Jun 13, 7:45 am

Well they got it wrong didn't they! So much for snow. And we were supposed to get -3 overnight, and we didn't even get a frost. Where is the really cold weather hiding!

brightlights60, Jun 17, 9:13 am

Don't worry, it will come. With Global Cooling since about 2002, and with the Antarctic ice extent increasing in each of the last 3 decades, it is inevitable.

r.g.nixon, Jun 17, 9:16 am

Just outside.

xxsaffyxx, Jun 17, 9:16 am

They have been wrong an awful lot this winter, first they said it would be mild, then it was going to be colder than average. The they predict storms that don't come, they are saying now possible low snow thursday night. or maybe saturday. yada yada yada. all non events probably

stillwaters, Jun 17, 9:51 am

Oops, might have spoken too soon. Its absolutely freezing here today, and did anyone see whats coming up the country tomorrow? Think I will get the firewood in closer to the house just in case and find all the snow boots.

brightlights60, Jun 17, 7:25 pm

lol. yup, they were right this time. I never feel cold in bed, and prefer to be on the cooler side, but last night I was freezing. Even had to put a skivvy on over my nightie.

craftylady1, Jun 17, 8:08 pm

brightlights60, Jun 18, 4:23 am

From 3pm today till tomorrow morning its going to be very interesting.

Could very well get some snow in CHCH city

jon9, Jun 18, 10:44 pm

I will believe it when I see it

craftylady1, Jun 18, 11:35 pm

It's starting to look interesting now. Has already turned SW, and will swing further to the S. Forecast temp by 6PM is 4 deg.

mm12345, Jun 18, 11:39 pm

It's about to get very, very wet.

puddles11, Jun 18, 11:41 pm

It is now very, very wet.

puddles11, Jun 19, 1:07 am

very moist, even

craftylady1, Jun 19, 1:11 am

very very wet. and cold. and hopefully snowy. but not tooooo much

stillwaters, Jun 19, 1:12 am

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