Snow coming ?

cantab_bs, Aug 8, 8:28am
I know we have probably had 3-4 snow fizzers this winter in Chch - but sounds like snow is currently on it's way currently in Sth Canterbury Ashburton. it's damnned cold out there - anyone seeing snow yet ?

jane310567, Aug 8, 8:51am
yep - apparently snowing heaps in ashburton!

lucky.gadgets, Aug 8, 8:56am
Yea family member there said this also . perhaps it will make it to chch this time

treecave, Aug 8, 9:01am
it sure is in ash. don't know how long it will go on for but starting to settle on ground

cantab_bs, Aug 8, 10:17am
Fingers crossed then. winds gettng up here. feels cold enough

nabbed, Aug 8, 10:22am
snowing in Southbridge

harrislucinda, Aug 8, 10:37am
just looked out snowing here now

razzamatazz2, Aug 8, 11:02am
We have snow settled here in Dunedin. There are some road closures.

anjouc, Aug 8, 11:08am
snowing in Dunsandel.

retroqueen1, Aug 8, 11:51am
Snowing in South CHCH suburbs

coralsnake, Aug 8, 12:10pm

mm12345, Aug 8, 12:22pm
Hills here - kind of bucketing down in large flakes and settling, almost no wind. Beautiful. More coming in the next few hours from the look of the weather radar. I expect it'll be gone by morning, but perhaps not.

tomber, Aug 8, 12:23pm
Big fat flakes in St Albans

brightlights60, Aug 8, 12:26pm
Oh wow, its really snowing in Redwood too!

annie_kiwi, Aug 8, 12:33pm
snowing now in Ilam

dannyboy24, Aug 8, 12:36pm
Heavy in Belfast

rover79, Aug 8, 12:37pm
light in Kaiapoi

nanske, Aug 8, 12:41pm
Heavy, thick and settled here in Northcote.

lambrat, Aug 8, 4:33pm
dang, slushy stuff came down here with that 4.2mm rain
nth linwood. just in case all trace of its gone by the morning!
something woke me up about an hour ago,, now even the birds are starting their morning calls, darn it.

skipper42, Aug 8, 5:00pm
Waikuku Beach

harrislucinda, Aug 8, 9:21pm
2 inches here and still snowing

brightlights60, Sep 17, 3:25pm
I stayed up till around 1am this morning, watching it fall under the street lights was amazing. Here in Redwood everything was covered very thick. But it was mushy and shortly after going to bed it changed to torrential rain, so all gone. Glad I stayed up to watch it though. We live on the Main Road and even the sound of the (light) traffic in the early hours of the morning are all muted when it snows.

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