3.7 BIG shake up north

lambrat, Mar 16, 8:56pm
very nicely said.
if people don't understand why, then they should be darn grateful for that.
there are thousands of families here who are still in limbo, being quietly screwed over by either eqc, insurance companies (and/or their contractors), in slow motion.
its not a simplistic issue of 'moving on' or 'over' it, yet.
edit. not to mention all the folks who've been 'getting on with it' but unknowing whether or not their homes they remain in have been repaired properly.

samanya, Mar 16, 9:21pm
well said.
Quakes are a scary experience, because of NZ's history, because we don't know how severe they'll get & the fact that we have no control over them.
How many threads have been started in here for smaller quakes? Hundreds, I'd guess & I can understand why.
Just because we had some big destructive doozies we shouldn't diss other areas for lesser quakes . it's not a competition, or is it, (in some minds)?

lm446, Mar 16, 9:22pm
Thank you lambrat
I was thinking this morning about the poor sods in Vanuatu.
The cyclone has passed over, and the real work is only starting. People fail to understand the underlying damage that endures. Elderly people, for instance, with their life poured into their properties, are now in some horrific nightmare, not of their own making.
What happened here changed everyone, some for the better, and some much worse.
Those not affected do not see this, and therefore think people here should harden up. Some have. The others have had their lives destroyed.
The glib advice to "move on" is given from a self-centred point of view.
The one thing that came out of this catastrophe is a sense of what a "community" is. We try to look after each other. The locals, having put up with four years of jerk politicians and rip-off artists (of every shade and colour, are more vocal for their rights.
I think most of us are more realistic, cynical, and better detectors of b*llsh*t than any other community in NZ.
Maybe CHCH is now a more caring society, I would like to think so.
Perhaps the rest of NZ could learn from that experience and understand the virtue of sympathy, understanding and looking after the less fortunate.

foamyone, Mar 17, 2:25am
Wow - embarrassing thread.

It's all relative.

It's not a contest.

samanya, Mar 17, 4:11am
Thanks for telling me that . otherwise I could have sworn it was. ;o)

lm446, Dec 30, 3:17pm
Exactly. I never want to see another earthquake of any size. i have anti-earthquake antibodies

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