Flooding on section that won't go away? Who2call?

tdf_, Jun 16, 10:29pm
For the last week or lawn has been flooded in about 3cm of water and it is not draining away at all. Have marked it and it doesn't resided. Who would I get to come look at this? Could it be a storm water pipe damaged or a natural spring appearing?

slimgym, Jun 16, 10:46pm

tdf_, Jun 16, 10:56pm
just checked my water meter and it seems to be going up without any taps in use??

monkles, Jun 16, 10:58pm
Drainage company. You may need subsoil drainage or if the water level is growing it may be a disturbed spring which needs capping. However if you suspect a water leak you could check the toby to see how quickly its ticking over.

kateley, Jun 16, 11:00pm
if your water meter is going up without any taps on then it's not your waste water but your plumbing which is leaking. Call a plumber.

monkles, Jun 16, 11:00pm
Won't be waste water/sewer as that's separate from your water main. Call a plumber :)

granny98, Jun 17, 12:08am
As the water meter is going up , my guess is a leaking pipe. plumbers check for water bubbles as this indicates where pipe is leaking. otherwise they use camera.

ebeater, Jun 17, 2:56am
Correct. If it is on your lawn it is highly possible last weeks frosts have finished off (burst) an older underground line perhaps.

tdf_, May 19, 4:25pm
thanks all, plumber coming tomorrow

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