Do we really need an art/musuem we have

slimgym, Sep 17, 7:22pm
got so many art galleries in Christchurch got a perfectly good museum so why build another. Has this council got money to burn. You would think so the money they were going to spend on the road sign stands. What is happening in the council when they think they can spend money like water, perhaps they are overpaid and underworked

slimgym, Sep 17, 8:04pm
sori I have read the story now, the art is being gifted to chch by the owners and the council has to provide the land.

rockme4, Sep 18, 4:06am
I am aware of the saying "don't look a gift horse in the mouth", but as a ratepayer I'd still like to know, who will be paying for the maintenance of this new art gallery? Who will pay for the insurance premiums of the art works?
The way I understand it, the land opposite the Museum (currently a carpark,) valued at $5 million, will be gifted to the Ravenscar Trust, while the Trust pays for the building. It sounds as if the artworks will only be on loan and it would not surprise me, if the generous Christchurch ratepayers will have to pick up the costs of insurance, maintenance and running of the exhibition.
Well, Christchurch ratepayers seem to have deep pockets.

2bit, Sep 18, 6:19am
God, that's a gift with strings attached.

leisurecraft, Sep 18, 7:34am
Christchurch has got a fancy Art Gallery already. Why can't these Ravenscar Trust artworks be displayed in there, once the earthquake repairs are done and the Gallery is open again?

slimgym, Sep 18, 7:43am
these people operate a charitable trust does that mean they don't pay tax

vintagecrush, Sep 18, 8:02am
Do we really need another pub or bottle store?

ryanm2, Sep 18, 8:43am
Rate payers generally dont pay the up keep of such establishments, and such establishments dont operate on publicly owned land, so what is your point?

slimgym, Sep 18, 5:10pm
what I was told once a charitable trust stops that's when the tax man steps in and takes the taxes out then. so could the rate payers end up paying the tax bill that they have not been paying all these years

roodlez, Sep 18, 6:49pm
Wow, this is a really generous GIFT to the people of Christchurch, and so many are still complaining? I can't believe some of you. Are you really that attached to carparks?
Some people will whinge about anything!

mbos, Apr 21, 2:24pm
I absolutely and totally 100% agree. How miserable in spirit, to respond so to such an incredibly generous gift.

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