Kaikoura Seal Pups

Has anyone been recently to seal pup pools north of Kaikoura? If so, are the pups still there are most old enough they are in the ocean now?

pthorn, Jul 10, 10:56 am

Ive been in July before and they have been there, not many though.

jojo76, Jul 10, 11:00 am

Most are born in January so winter months between may and October are when the most are there. Ive been in May and there were hundreds. Also went past over summer in November and there were about ten.

During the day during winter is the best time to see them

jon9, Jul 10, 11:07 am

Yesterday there were six in the pool. So worth a visit.

gmscando1, Jul 13, 12:13 am

I went there 2years ago can't quite remember what time of year but you wouldn't have fit one more seal in the pool they were going berserk in there it was outrageous

dannyboy24, Jul 13, 9:00 am

Called in there today 3 in the pool but lots on the beach across the road

bratpack06, Jul 15, 8:51 pm

Called in yesterday. Only one there. Heaps of adults and babies just by the start to the Peninsula walkway in Kaikoura.

lorryl, Jan 1, 4:07 am

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