We Gonna get a Good shake soon

tool_shop173, May 16, 7:55am

janbodean, May 16, 7:57am
Oh for goodness sake. Get on with life already and stop dwelling on the shakes we may or may not get.

tool_shop173, May 16, 7:58am
Now a good amount of houses have been fixed, MN may want to play some games.

cassina1, May 16, 9:42am
Unlike buildings we dont know as to what percentage of the building code our houses have been repaired to. I can understand how those in Nepal feel safer sleeping outdoors as I would have slept in my car during the period of big aftershocks in ChCh if it had been a station wagon.

honest-reliable, May 17, 6:11am
If we all dwell on the past and wait for the next large quake how much doom and gloom is that? Its like a woman who has been in an abusive relationship waiting for her next attack. MOVE ON, Onwards and Upwards

aphra1, May 17, 6:16am
There are people in Canterbury for whom this kind of misinformed and flippant post could be very upsetting or anxiety producing. Why do you feel the need to draw attention to yourself at the expense of others feelings?

golfaholic2, May 17, 7:19am
Teaspoon of cement anyone?

A good shake would be quite handy to test the foundation solutions employed for TC3 rebuilds already finished .

Toolshop owes us 28 nudie runs and a nude sleigh ride BTW

craftylady1, May 17, 7:24am
I fancy a McDs lime shake about now.

crash01, May 17, 8:35am
bugger me too

tool_shop173, May 17, 11:31am
That made me cry

cloffie, May 18, 12:05am
tool shops prediction was right yet again that's assuming I didn't imagine that good rumble a few minutes ago

bootsy2003, May 18, 12:10am
I felt it in Burwood. Not a biggie though

cloffie, May 18, 12:23am
no not a biggie bootsy

mephismeltdown, May 18, 12:47am
I can use my magical powers and can give you a big one if you want.

aphra1, May 18, 4:21am
I can think of another way I'd like to bring tears to your eyes.

janbodean, May 18, 5:09am
Perhaps it's time that some of us in Canterbury stopped feeling like victims and began to realize how lucky we are to be still here to tell the tale. Many others are not and no matter how hard the road has been we still have our lives.

astrophe, May 18, 6:19am
Nope, failure. Nothing over 3.00 since. That's not a "good shake".

stella7771, May 24, 9:13am
Seems fitting that your trading name is Tool.

jen367, May 24, 1:02pm
JEWELLERS TOOL heeeeeeeeheeeeeeeeee
according to his missus

drcjp, May 24, 9:04pm
lol. He left out his first name. MAJOR

janbodean, Sep 5, 3:36pm
Your magical powers must be severely limited in so far as they don't extend to getting you that job that you keep telling the rest of us to find for you.

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