Truck petrol stops in ChCh - Shell

spunkeymonkey, Jan 23, 8:35pm
does any one know where all the trucking stops are to refuel trucks please - the actual addresses I am looking for the Shell one in Hornby in the industrial area on and around Halswell Junction Rd - not Carmen Rd - someone said that it was on Abernethy and there is no such place/ street at all. Our work is in the Wigram Business Park - no point in going to the one on Curletts Rd it can not fit a truck and trailer. TIA

justlookin44, Jan 23, 8:51pm
My partner says Edmonton Rd, Shands Rd end about 150 metres off Halswell Junction Rd, its right in front of a truck repair place. He refuelled his truck and trailer here regularly.

justlookin44, Jan 23, 8:51pm
Also Shell Templeton has a truck stop

thebuzzyone, Jan 23, 8:55pm
You realise Shell sold to "Z" a coupe of years ago eh?

Perhaps you mean the Z Truck Stop in Edmonton Rd just off Halswell Junction Rd in the industrial area (where all the streets are named after Canadian places. (Calgary, Edmonton, Yukon, Klondyke, Anchorage etc etc)

Actual address I believe is 17 Edmonton Rd. Check it out on Google Street View to see if it is sized to accommodate your truck!

spunkeymonkey, Jan 23, 10:14pm
yes i did realise that but some are still under shell. thank you everyone for your help

fineo, Jan 24, 3:30am
Z truck stop Sawyers Arms road, behind the truck café air port side of the round about.

digga7, Feb 4, 3:43pm
Edmonton Road, Hornby
Sawyers Arms Road
Port Hills Road, Opawa
Lineside Road
State Highway 1, Amberley
Line Road, Methven
West Street, State Highway 1, Ashburton

That's Canterbury. Plus, there's one in Temuka, Timaru and Kaikoura.

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