Mini digger operator

bkw, Sep 4, 1:45am
can anyone recommend a mini digger operator. Also anyone give me an estimate of their hourly rates. I live in Ilam area.

bkw, Sep 4, 2:07am
it needs to fit through the a 1metre gate. I believe there are 1.5/1.7 tonne diggers that can shrink down to that and then expand out again. Just cannot find anyone, so anyone knows of anyone would be really grateful.

mm12345, Sep 4, 3:01am
Smiths Hire might be able to help with digger hire and find an operator for you.
They have a small Vermeer digger/excavator, about 1m wide - I was going to hire it, but it was just slightly too big - so we ended up having to do it the hard way.

Another possibility may be a drainlaying firm - some may have small diggers with retracting tracks to get through small gaps. Gillon & Maher have one - you could start there, and if it's not available, ask them who else you could try.

bkw, Sep 4, 5:25am
thanks mm

golfdiver, Sep 4, 5:59am
I believe I have heard of someone who could help. Be careful how you approach him, he may meltdown

glasshalfull, Sep 4, 7:16am
Employ my son. He has recently hand dug out a whole swimming pool by hand. and he'll fit through your gate!

digga7, Jun 11, 2:11pm
What type of fence do you have? If it's wooden or tin, you can remove a panel and then put it back up when you're done. If it's brick, you might have a bit of trouble. lol.

I don't know of any 1.7 Digger that can shrink down to a meter. Yes, tracks can shrink but the body is more than a meter wide.

They might exist but can't imagine them being very powerful.

What do you need done, can it be done with a dingo? That's less than 1 meter wide.

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