lorischch, Aug 27, 4:30am
I need to get a partial plate. my dentist will do the extractions and assumes he will fit and provide the denture.Has anyone had their dentist successfully do the whole job? I'm wondering whether to bypass the dentist and go straight to the technician. Do dental technicians extract the teeth?
Has anyone had their dentist successfully do the whole job?

fineo, Aug 27, 6:50am
No the dental technician will not pull teeth.
You might find that the dentist has a technician that works as part of the surgery.
You can go to a denture mob and get them to do the plate and get dentists to do the extraction

adnil3, Jul 7, 3:30pm
I got teeth extracted and a partial for the top 2 yrs ago. The dental practice did the whole job which was convenient and the dentist can easily work alongside the plate maker re: grooves in teeth to hold plate. I now am getting a partial made for the bottom. I went to a plate maker and was quoted the same as the dental practice can make it for. Again easier and convenient for the teeth grooves.

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