Gorillas at Orana Park from tomorrow

nickyd, Jul 31, 5:57am
Is going to be amazing - something new for the people of CHCH, and tourists too of course

addington261, Jul 31, 8:27am
I'm just looking at the prices to take my grandchildren there. Not cheap!

slimgym, Jul 31, 6:55pm
but you can pay double the price and go as many times as you like in a year, but be very careful because the year is july to june so good time to buy is now

chromis, Jul 31, 8:43pm
I wonder what those Gorillas did to earn a life time in prison.

pge, Jul 31, 9:08pm
They were born there.

sapphire152, Jul 31, 9:31pm
How much for adults?

bitsy_boffin, Aug 1, 5:50am
Alternatively, what they did to earn a life time of no fear of hunting, expert health care, all the food they can eat without having to spend their entire day looking for it, interesting things to do (enrichment), a safe warm place to sleep, and almost double the life-span of a wild Gorilla.

astrophe, Aug 1, 8:43am
One way to look at it.

They're undoubtedly also contributing to education and awareness, and the raising of funds to help their wild brethren.

I reckon, if keeping a few individuals cooped up helps to fund supporting the safety and perpetuation of the species in the wild, it's better that than letting them all go extinct because we daren't lock one up.

jane310567, Aug 1, 9:56am

jessebird, Aug 3, 9:35am
Kids are at school cheaper days.

slimgym, Aug 3, 7:01pm
at least a dentist with alot of money wont get to shot them

retrodesign, Aug 3, 8:29pm
Well put. Without places like Orana Park many more breeds would become extinct. As well as the obvious health care and safety there are also breeding programs to ensure the survival of the species. Unfortunately survival of some is down to either hunting and the money it brings or parks like Orana. I know which I prefer.

dannyboy24, Oct 9, 2:21pm
Armed robbery and tax evasion apparently

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