Question about gib aqua line

bandrach, Jan 23, 4:34am
If you were to compare aqua line to standard gib, as a cross (cut through) section, would you be able to spot if aqua line was used or not?

golfaholic2, Jan 23, 5:02am
Probably not

Might be able to test it with a simple spot water test . from memory the core is water resistant .

pozzie-nz, Jan 23, 7:39am
Yes Gib aqua line has little fibers though the inside and feels more waxy

bandrach, Jan 23, 7:43am
Cool. Thanks for that.

thebuzzyone, Jan 23, 9:03pm
Short answer is: yes - you can tell the difference.

bandrach, Jan 23, 9:25pm
Is there a visible green colour? Anything a newbie would be able to spot?

corkranb, Jan 23, 11:01pm
Aqualine comes in a green sheet on the outside. Standard gib board is a white sheet.

dannyboy24, Jan 24, 1:35am

golfaholic2, Feb 4, 10:17pm
All gib now has fibers . and I'm not sure if youd easily feel the wax .

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