Found large bull mastiff woodham rd/kerrs rd

is it yours?

lambrat, Jul 8, 9:12 pm

lambrat, Jul 8, 9:15 pm

He is a gorgeous boy, please make sure he goes to the correct owners (ask something that only an owner could identify). Would hate for him to end up in the wrong hands.

millerz08, Jul 8, 9:20 pm

yes reallylovely, i can't hold him for long though

lambrat, Jul 8, 9:22 pm

crikey this makes me angry, a beautiful well looked after dog, no tags. idiots.

it has comefrom the roundabout, can see footprints. but snow melted already further on so i can't follow them.
i've been out there on an off for last 30mins, seems nobody is looking for it.

lambrat, Jul 8, 9:36 pm

Call the pound, obviously he has no id/rego tags on.
He would be better off in there than on the streets.
Hopefully he is micro-chipped then they can contact the owner.

millerz08, Jul 8, 9:37 pm

good on you lambrat for helping this doggie

the council may be able to help you now. you have done good taking him off the road :)

jambee1, Jul 8, 9:37 pm


i don't want to send a dog like this to the pound, it'd be hugely stressful, i've see how not-very-caring their 'officers' are.

this dog is very well-loved and cared for, and there may be a very good reason for the lack of tag.

lambrat, Jul 8, 9:44 pm

He may have slipped his collar, and owners out at work.
There is also chch bullbreed rescue, but not sure that they would have the space to hold him while looking for his owners.
Can you put a listing on tm?

millerz08, Jul 8, 9:56 pm

i did call the ccc, i can't put this dog out the back, i already have another dog here of different gender while owners are in aussie for a week,
but worst problem is i have a dog-loathing border who doesn't have a clue there is a giant bull mastiff tethered to his car at the moment. lol
he starts work at noon so i hope ccc pick up is before then, i have nothing else strong enough in front yard to this dog to.

lambrat, Jul 8, 10:02 pm

great result. ccc called, owner came picked up dog.
and i kept a pic for dog-detesting boarder, lol

lambrat, Jul 8, 10:32 pm

I think you need to call the ccc to find the owners of your boarder to come pick him up. He needs a new home as he doesn't play well with others

zoopa, Jul 8, 11:02 pm

its the only bad thing about him, but he's almost obsessive about it, you should hear the shouting and swearing. he's just turned 70 so no amount of 're-education' will work.
edit. he's making his morning coffee now and not speaking to me so far, because of the barking this morning from the dog here already, who smelled the stray when i had it inside front of the house briefly, darn it.
i said 'good morning' to a wall of silence.

lambrat, Jul 8, 11:09 pm

Does the boarder like cats?

2bit, Jul 9, 12:24 am

yes, very much, although he doesn't have one

lambrat, Jul 9, 1:51 am

Weird. Most animal lovers kind of like them all.

2bit, Jul 9, 2:51 am

Ah. I suppose even mentioning the "old dog, new tricks" adage within earshot would be an affront to his sensibilities lol.

zoopa, Jul 9, 8:15 am

You are very brave, me i am scared of dogs.

jessebird, Jul 9, 10:05 am

If he is your boarder he must be living at your place so he should accept what you do on your own property without bad manners. Not saying 'good morning' and shouting and swearing because you are kind enough to look after a dog and it barked would find me having words with him no matter how good he is with everything else.

kacy5, Jul 9, 10:41 am

yes, but theres a complicating bit. he didn't come through an ad, it was through good mutual friends, and yes we have had a few 'words' . but he is very capable and intelligent and i'm hoping i learn something practical or useful from him while he's here, his work is only over these winter months. his unexpected early arrival ten days ago when i had an alpha 4yr old female rottweiler for the weekend was not the best start, for either of us!

lambrat, Jul 9, 11:38 pm

Borrow half a dozen puppies of various breeds. He will come round. Or not.

Meh, we all have or good and bad points. "good" or "bad" is merely a point of view.

zoopa, Jul 10, 1:14 am

Ah ha, pick those brains then (better still get him to do the job) and if it's only for a short time you can wait until he leaves to open your 'dog rescue' place. He wouldn't survive here with my 4 although only 1 little dot is inside. She would get around him, she did with my husband on day 1 but he never admitted it to me. I heard it through others.

kacy5, Jan 27, 1:36 pm

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