Can hot water cylinders lost pressure?

suka, Jun 3, 8:05am
Cold water pressure is fine, but hot water out of all taps is slow as, never used to be.

trade4us2, Jun 3, 8:12am
Is there an overflow pipe out the top of the roof or out through a side wall?

suka, Jun 3, 8:18am
Out the top.
Had plumber look at that nearly a year ago as it was overflowing

astrophe, Jun 3, 8:29am
In our past 'older house' the pipes had simply gotten clogged. Like clogged arteries after a while.

Replaced with new piping - water as fast as! But we also switched to gas at the same time so . ?

trade4us2, Jun 3, 8:39am
At the bottom of the cylinder should be a pressure reducing valve. Sometimes all that is needed is to screw the screw underneath it clockwise until water come out of the overflow pipe, then wind back half a turn.
If that doesn't fix it you'll probably need a plumber.

suka, Jun 3, 8:51am
Thanks trade4us, I will have a look tomorrow when it's light. I do notice that water has leaked as the floor is wet and free mushrooms all round.

trade4us2, Jun 3, 9:17am
Spare parts are usually available for the reducing valve. The rubber diaphragm is only about $15. After many years that can leak. But it's really a job for a plumber or experienced person to take the valve off and have a look inside. The plumber might say it's cheaper to put in a new valve.

suka, Jul 15, 4:20pm
I guess it's getting old, just like me and things start crapping out

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